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Three of the best decisions that I made for Our Wedding

Hey all -

I'm almost a year out from our wedding day, and have really had some time to reflect on the entire day and the wedding planning process.

I just wrote a blog post on the 3 best decisions that I made for our wedding - decisions that cut down on stress, and just made the day go smoother.

Check it out here and let me know what you think!  Hopefully it can help someone out because Lord knows that at this time last year, I was scouring the internet for wedding advice lol.


Re: Three of the best decisions that I made for Our Wedding

  • I'm doing my own make up as well.

     I also had my bridesmaids choose their own dresses, but I honestly regret this now. I asked them to find a dress around knee length, but didn't say much beyond that. If my time machine ever starts to work, I'd go back and choose the dress myself. The reason is that I gave so few directions, and my girls then had a hard time choosing dresses. We are a month away and some of them still don't have the dress. We are going shopping this weekend to look.

    The last of your 3 was a first look. I'm definitely not doing this. I'm glad you are happy with your choice,  but a first look just isn't for my fiancé and me. 
  • Not doing my own makeup, but I did let my girls pick their dresses and we are doing a first look.  All good things!
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  • I agree with all of them.  Particularly the makeup one- I did my own makeup and a bunch of people commented on how I had a great makeup artist :)  I had people try to convince me not to before the wedding, but I am so glad I did.  I did it on my own time frame and I had practiced several times before.  
  • If you have the skills to do your own makeup, I agree it is a great option to save some money- and though you have to spend to get high quality makeup if you don't already own it, you get to use it more than once. I saved a lot of money, and still use the things I invested in (a great primer, great lipstick and eyeliner in particular). Even if you don't have the skills, I've known women whose mothers, friend, etc. did it for free. 
    I do suggest doing more than 1 trial run to get it down though, and try your look with photos indoors and outdoors. I had to change somethings after seeing how I looked in photos (the lipgloss I was going to wear did not look good at all!). I do regret having my mom do my hair a little bit, as some of the curls fell, and we just ran out of time, so my hair was fine but not like it'd been in the practices we'd done. But, it was fun having my mom do my hair before my wedding, and in the scheme of things, didn't really matter- I'm highly doubting my husband noticed my curls weren't perfect. 

    My bridesmaids really appreciated being able to choose their own dresses, and have actually reworn them which I feel like rarely really happens so I am glad about that. 

    I didn't do a first look, and don't regret it at all. My husband started crying when I walked down the aisle, and it was perfect as is- perhaps he's a little embarrassed by it, but I wouldn't redo it and do a first look. I'm glad it worked out well for you though!

    To add some things I think were great decisions I made and would suggest to brides who are more open to less-formal things: wear comfy cute flats instead of heels (me & the bridesmaids danced and happily moved around all night in our super comfy purple flats). 
    Pack snacks for the photos you do with the groom/bridal party- people get hungry and were very happy to have snacks. We unfortunately forgot water and it was summer- so don't forget water +makeup for touching up for the photos. 
    Do something fun during your reception that's very "you + spouse." People might hate on this, but I think it makes the reception much more personal and fun. One of my friends had outdoor games- giant scrabble, etc. It was a blast. We had a big s'mores roasting, and it was a great time to socialize with everyone and just have fun- the ceremony was my favorite part of the wedding, of course. But the s'mores roasting was the most fun!
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