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Just Engaged & New Here!

Hi, I am new on here. Well actually I have been registered to the site for almost 2 months now and just want to stop and say hello and congrats to anyone else who is also new and just engaged or starting to plan! I hope to share ideas with others and get some advice! :)

We got engaged on March 19th, 2014. We have been together for almost 2 years and I had no idea he was going to propose. It was a complete surprise to me! It was very casual and not elaborate but nonetheless I loved it so much! The both of us are pretty laid back people so the way he did it was just perfect for me. I came home on March 19th and walked in the house and his brother (whom we are very close with) was standing there in the corner of the room with a camera. That was my first idea that something was up but I wasn't thinking engagement at all. I didn't see him yet but all of a sudden he popped out of nowhere into the room and I could tell he was nervous as hell. He told me later that he wanted to start the conversation off by saying a bunch of cute things but instead he just got down on one knee and popped the question (he was so nervous). I was FLOORED with excitement and happiness. The best part was his brother captured it all on camera in which I am so happy we could share the moment with him too. Of course I said YES! I had no idea it was coming but I was just so happy and still am that it did.

I later found out that he had the ring for awhile and he was thinking about doing it on Valentine's Day which I am kind of glad he didn't plus his father passed away that week and things were just really hard! The ring, did I mention the ring? It is GORGEOUS! I can't believe he picked it out himself and it is something I would have never thought he would pick for me but what can I say he knows my style well! He also explained to me that at the jeweler he purchased my ring from that they were taking donations for Children's Hospital and he got a bunch of free stuff just for donating. He donated $1,000 in our name to our local Children's Hospital which isn't a lot but I thought it was just very sweet and it's something I hold very dearly to my heart because I was once a very sick child at that hospital and having him donate money to that very hospital after being a patient there myself during my childhood was just amazingly selfless thing for him to do in honor of me.

Anyways just thought I would share my news. I am so excited to start planning and seeing what others are doing as far as ideas. We aren't sure on a date yet but were thinking next summer!? Hopefully! Again Congrats to anyone else who is newly engaged and the wedding plans have begun:) Such a fun time! Look forward to getting to know a lot of you on here too. :)

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