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set up and take down...

I've been looking for a d.o.c who has set up and take down services listed on their website.
I haven't found one yet. Is their a specific title for the service I should google?
The venue I like does not come with these services.
Its all do it yourself.


Re: set up and take down...

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    MobKazMobKaz member
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    Search for DOC's that advertise "Day Of" services.  There are many that can be hired for the wedding weekend.  You could also consider inquiring at local churches or high schools for students that would be willing to be hired for such an event.
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    Ask your caterer.
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    If the DOC doesn't provide those services herself, she should have people to hire or have suggestions for you to call. But school and church groups are good ideas. Usually the money goes into a fund to pay for trips or school related activities.
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