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My wedding is in September so a lot of places are already booked. I'm just trying to get a small cut cake as I am doing a dessert bar. Already looked into cakes by Tammy but she is booked for my day and bethel bakery was outrageous. Does anyone know of any places where I can get a small 3 tier cake for under $200? I don't want any special designs as I'm putting my own topper and fake flowers on it.

Re: Inexpensive cake

  • Try Autumn's Cakes. We are going through her and she is very reasonable! And great cakes too!

    Good Luck!
  • Thanks. I think I'm actually going to go with Walmart. I was dubious at first but my FI's cousin said her friend got a cake from there and it was really good.
  • I was told by a friend about in Oakmont Giant Eagle of the baker who does great cakes and reasonable. As long as it is good, it doesnt matter where it is from especially with a great price.
  • I was quoted a small three tier cake for $150 by the Sugar Shack for my October wedding, so you might have some luck with her.
  • I will ditto Autumn's Cakes up in Harmony. She is amazingly talented at baking and decorating.
  • I'm getting my cake from Giant Eagle.  They always make great cakes and they're prices aren't bad.
  • Just booked with Giant Eagle in Settler's Ridge today ... super nice people, really good cake and GREAT pricing!
  • My friend owns a bakery in Stuebenville, Ohio (about 45 min from Pgh). She makes very inexpensive wedding cakes. I can tell you, they are making a very small two tier cake for us for $75. If you are interested in the bakery, let me know :-)
  • @cantwaitforthefuture‌ they deliver cakes from that distance? It's really hard to transport a wedding cake that far. Bethel bakery wanted an extra $200 to transport a cake from the South Hills to Butler.
  • No, I don't believe that they do. It's a small family run bakery (prob how they can keep prices so low).  In our case, they are guests at our wedding, so they are just bringing it day of.  I know my sister used them for her cookies at her cookie table and my dad picked them up the day before the wedding.
  • what's name of the bakery in stuebenville
  • My Daughter's Wedding Cake in Somerset was $2.40 a person.
  • You should look into Lucy from Bee Delicious Bakery. We are getting a 3 tiered cake and a grooms cake all to fee around 150 people and the total all that is costing is $500. She was significantly cheaper and uses natural ingredients. There is a guiness chocolate cake and pbutter icing as well as a lemon poppyseed cake with just about any icing that are both AMAZING.
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