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What to ask of Hair/Makeup stylist?

FI and I are doing a destination wedding, so I will not be doing a trial with the hair/makeup artist before hand.  I've narrowed it down to 2 different salons that are commonly used for my DW location.  Both have online portfolios and I like their work equally. 
Since I won't be doing a trail, what are some questions I can ask so I know I'm making the right decision for me? 
Also, if you were not able to do a trial with your chosen vendor, would you still do a trial with a different vendor to get ideas?  (I am torn if I want my hair up, down, or half up/down - I have long hair that I do typically wear down)


Re: What to ask of Hair/Makeup stylist?

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    For the make-up artist - What product line do you typically use? Can I bring in my own product? Will we have time to adjust my make-up if for some reason I don't like something? Do you have setting spray in order to guarantee that my make-up lasts all day? Do you use primer before applying foundation, eye shadow, etc.? IME, primer makes a huge difference in how the make up goes on and how well it holds up. I only suggest bringing in your own product if you already know you have some things you own that you definitely want to use on the day a specific lip stick shade or eye shadow pallette that you really love. Or even a foundation that has been matched to your skin tone.

    For the hair-stylist - Do you recommend I bring in x thing (hair extensions for an example) based on my hair length, texture and style preference?

    For the salon/both stylists: I need to arrive at my venue at such and such a time....what time do we need to start on hair and makeup for me to arrive on time? Can you provide me with recommendations from current/former clients who used you for bridal hair and make-up?

  • The only thing I would add the reason it's good to see if you can bring your own makeup is because if they use a brand you are not familiar with, you don't know what type of reaction you will or won't have to it. Example I can use all regular drug store brands and most private brands but for some reason I break out with Aveeda products. So since that is why the salon uses that I went to, they let me bring in my own makeup.

    I would ask if you should send photos in advance of what you want done for your hair so they can determine which stylist they have would work best for you. If not, bring photos of the ideas of how you would like your hair styled. I would even consider taking a photo or two of you to show what you look like on a regular basis so the stylist can get an idea of what you normally look like because most brides still want to look like themselves on their wedding day, just glammed up some.

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