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The moment you're one month out...

You're all like...



Then you see all the wedding related balances you have to pay...




Re: The moment you're one month out...

  • Yup I feel pretty much about the same way....


  • Jen1051Jen1051 member
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    I have everything paid off except for one! It's a great feeling. Now it's winding up all the little last minute things. 4 weeks!!!!
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  • We are just over a week out from a month and I am having a hard time believing it!  I cannot believe it's almost here.  We started with over two years and it's all about to pay off!  Unbe-freakin-lievable!!!  Congrats to all of us June brides!
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  • TheMoezTheMoez member
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    Starting to freak out a little bit. We are pretty much ready but still I can't believe it is almost here! People at work are starting to mention it more to me which is making it even more real. Deep Breaths everyone!! 
  • And it's finally here for the June 28th brides!  Woot!
  • FiancBFiancB member
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    melbenso said:
    And it's finally here for the June 28th brides!  Woot!
    Date twins! Excited but definitely freaking out!
  • I'm the 28th as well! I posted this last week as I was getting my ducks in a row to start paying off balances this week. High-five girls! So excited!

  • Wahoo! But I'm too busy with end-of-the-year stuff at school to get too excited. Once I get through the next couple days and get my classroom packed up, then it will really feel like it's almost time!
  • Officially 3 weeks out today and I had a little shitfit when I made our final payment last week. Now I just have an overwhelming sense of calm. All of my crafts are done, I've started packing already (DW), and I'm just ready for it to be here now. I'm afraid to blink or I'll miss it!
  • I'm the 28th as well! Super excited but realizing I still have so much to do! 
  • wabanziwabanzi member
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    Yay for June 28!
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  • I'm another June 28th! I have everything paid for, other than the food. I have the money for the food, of course. We are just waiting for the final count.
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