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So I just really need to vent...

My Fi is finishing his first year as a PHD candidate at an amazing school across the country from me. I've just gotten accepted into the same school for an MFA program, and we're getting married this August (been engaged since senior year of college). The problem we're having is with housing. As a first year, he got put in a two-person apartment, and the way they do graduate housing, it's apparently ridiculously hard to change apartments. His roommate is just not a good person to live with - my Fi does not get angry easily, and this guy has been pissing him off to no end.

My Fi put in for a housing transfer effective in June early on, and housing has been jerking him around ever since. First he didn't need paperwork until after he got an offer, then he needed it before he could get an offer; housing would be available in June, then September, then maybe not for two years. That last one came about two days before my deadline to apply for my own housing, so I just did that. But now we're fighting with them to let us get housing earlier rather than later. The wedding is the beginning of August, and classes don't start until the end of September, which may be when they decide to let us move in.

I don't know what to do. I REALLY don't want to live with my Fi's roommate, but I haven't seen my Fi for 2 months, and planning a wedding from across the country is driving me insane. I've even started looking at hotel and sublet prices near there, not that we can afford it. On top of that, not only is my Fi stressed about the situation and his work, but I'm staying with his parents, and they ask every day if I've heard anything about housing yet. I feel like I'm about to explode because there's nothing I can do, and I don't know how much longer I can handle this.

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    I honestly feel you may have to either live with him and his roommate for a semester or so until housing opens. If you all are paying for housing with left over money from assistantships and fin aid, then I say just hold that money to be used at a small apartment just for the two of you. I'm not sure how religious you are but I'd pray for a better living situation than him (if they make you have a roommate too) and then he can just come be with you in your place. 

    Good luck finding something! :)
  • Update - We got our own place! The housing people finally responded, giving us about a week until move-in. We are now all moved into our new place, and will never have to deal with that roommate again.
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