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Getting in Shape

6 months aaaaaaand....go!

I'd like to lose 25 lbs, maybe 30, before my wedding, which will put me at my final goal weight.  I'm using Lose It to count calories and log my activity.  Right now, I'm walking 5-6 miles almost every day at a pretty good pace, but would like to improve my time.  I want to start a Couch to 5k soon and hopefully run a 5k before getting married.  (something I've always wanted to do!).  Hoping this helps keep me motivated!!!  Any other December '14 brides or those with similar goals that want to buddy up?

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Re: 6 months aaaaaaand....go!

  • I love that App! I've lost 15lbs since April 10 using it.

    I used Podrunner for a couch to 5k program that worked for me.
  • December bride here :) I love the calorie counter app called "my fitness pal". It really makes me re-think my food choices.  I need to lose about 8 more lbs until wedding day, which seems easy enough, but I have hit a wall. 
  • @Sweetwisconsin....looks like we have the same day?  12/13/14?  Awesome!

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  • How neat! How many days a week are you running? @mrsmorales2be
  • Haven't started my C25K yet, but walking 5-6 mi, at least 4 days a week. Right now, I'm working on improving my time and gradually adding distance.

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  • Sounds like a good plan. I started running about two years ago because I wanted to run a half marathon. Ugh. Never again. 13.1 miles was insane. I finished, but I am more of a 5k gal. What really motivated me was signing up for the run and counting down the days. I am super rusty right now though. Maybe it is time to try the c25k app.
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