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We're Going to Ireland!

H and I just booked an 8 day trip through Galway, Dublin, and Limerick by train. We're so excited! Any suggestions for things to do in those cities? We already booked a tour for the Jameson factory. We're going through New Year's! This Texas girl is finally going to see winter!
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Re: We're Going to Ireland!

  • Have fun!
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  • That's awesome! No suggestions since I haven't been there, but it's on my list so I want the full rundown! :)

  • Yay! How amazing!
  • Awesome! So jealous. :)
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    Enjoy! Ireland is a fab country and the people are so friendly!
  • Go to the Guinness brewery! You do the tour and then get a pint at the end. I've heard it doesn't taste like what you get anywhere else. This is our number one priority for when we go to Ireland.

  • I love Ireland! I hope you have a great time!!!
  • Go to the Guinness brewery! You do the tour and then get a pint at the end. I've heard it doesn't taste like what you get anywhere else. This is our number one priority for when we go to Ireland.

    I went there on St.Patrick's day when I lived in Europe. It is sooooo good!!


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  • Drink Bulmers! It's the best hard cider in the world!!!

    Also, if you get a chance visit Trinity College in Dublin, it's beautiful!
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    Kilmainham jail is a good tour in Dublin. A great pint is in the Celt Bar on Talbot street (and cheaper than Temple Bar). The hop on hop off bus is €13.50 and a great way to get an idea of Dublin.

    If the weather is dry, there is a free walking tour around Dublin giving info on various places in the city. Wicklow mountain day tour is an option.

    For a night out for dinner, check out The Bank on College Green. Local after work watering hole and great food.

    The cliffs of Moher are 1.5 hours south of Galway.

    In Limerick, check out King Johns Castle. Its 10 euro entry.

    Hope for snow but plan for rain... Have fun!!

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    Second the Cliffs of Moher while you are in Galway.  You'll probably get to see the Burren and the Connemara going from Galway to Limerick so that'll be good -- they are really interesting areas but seeing them from a train will suffice :).  I don't know how much of your trip is structured by the train travel, but if you can take the ferry to one of the Aran Islands while you're in Galway it is SO worth it... I did an overnight on Inisheer in a cute little B&B and it was such a nice experience.  You can bike/walk around the entire island and it is the traditional Ireland you imagine. 

    If you have time when you're around Dublin, do a tour down to the Wicklow Mountains (the whiskey tour if you can!  I think it is just called the Wild Wicklow Tour or something).  As someone who enjoys the occasional Guinness, the factory tour is alright but if you're into breweries its actually not that cool of a brewery.  The view of the city from the top is nice though.  I've heard the Jameson tour is awesome -- for some reason I did not do it.  Dublin is a very walkable city so definitely take the time to explore.  Trinity College is in a neat little area and you can see some amazing stuff in their library like the Book of Kells.  If you like Cathedrals, Christ Church and St. Patrick's are both gorgeous... can't recall if either one is free or charges.

    Those were some of my favorites when I lived in Dublin.  Didn't go to Limerick at all so can't add tips specific to that portion, but am sure you will have a wonderful trip.
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    I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to Ireland. Have an amazing trip! When do you leave?
  • I've been to Ireland twice because I love it so much. I hope you really enjoy it!

    When you're in Galway, definitely go to the Cliffs of Moher. They're gorgeous, and if you're a Princess Bride fan you'll recognize the scenery.

    Kilmainham Jail is a very interesting tour while in Dublin. Trinity College and the Book of Kells are also well worth seeing. Budget a night to wander around Temple Bar--tons of fun!

    In Limerick, check out some of the antique shops (especially the one down the street from King John's Castle-- there's a collection of little old ladies in there who can tell the best local stories!) The castle itself is lovely too, with a fantastic view of the river.
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  • Woohoo, how exciting!
    I was born in the US but moved to Ireland as an infant (my parents are both from Ireland) and I lived there until I was 10. I love when people go to Ireland, you will fall in love :) I am from the south of Ireland (Co. Kerry). 

    Try to go to the Guinness factory in Dublin, it is very interesting to see. Also, it is true what PPs said, you will never taste Guinness as good as one in Ireland. There is also the Book of Kells at Trinity College, many will tell you to go to Temple Bar area but in my opinion any time I have ever been there it has been college kids everywhere yelling! 

    I love Galway, my late grandfather was from there. You can go to the Aran Islands, Connemara National Park, or make your way to the Cliffs of Mohr in Co. Clare (I'm not sure if you have time restraints or any down time in each place). 

    Try and visit the small pubs, you will always make a memory! If you will be there for New Years bring warm clothes, and clothes that can get wet. No matter what you do, you will have a blast. Enjoy!
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