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Bachelorette Party - Hampton's (Mid July)

My sister is getting married and we're going to the Hampton's for her bachelorette party. There will be 10-14 ladies (mid-late 20's) and we rented a house in the Hampton Bays for the weekend (mid-July). We are not looking to be the obnoxious, loud, penile wearing group - at all.

We would like to spend Saturday either at a beach club type bar - any recommendations? 

If we don't go to the beach club on Saturday, we would love to go vineyard touring. What vineyards are good in the South Fork? Or should we go to the North Fork? We've been to a few of the vineyards on the North Fork but regarding distance, would prefer to stay on the South Fork.

I am also looking for recommendations (for a large group) for breakfast, lunch and dinner places in the area - not having to travel to far, as we would be taking taxi's most of the time. 

Any help/advice/recommendations/ideas are GREATLY appreciated!

Re: Bachelorette Party - Hampton's (Mid July)

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    I would try posting this on the local board-- I think there is a board for Long Island.  This is an international board, so most of us would not have local reccs for you.
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    I'm from LI but I hate the Hamptons for nightlife (then again I'm in my 30's) and only visit the North Fork Wineries (wine snob) but I can give you some recommendations for North Shore ones if you want. Beach Bar is good for going out if it's still there but it's a lot and I mean A LOT of college kids and high schoolers with fake ID's.

    I understand this is what the bride wants but there are way better places for your age group to go out than the Hamptons, IMO

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  • Hi, I would love some recommendations for the North Fork, thank you!

    Also, where would you suggest we go out as a group in the Hampton Bays area?  There are 12 of us and we will be taking taxi's to go out - Limo/Bus for the vineyard tour.

    thank you!
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