Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

My Wedding Recap! (and some pictures!)

My wedding went off so well I almost feel like I should feel guilty about it! It was a pretty big stress leading up to though (parents, MOH and family lived out of state, no wedding planner, did the whole thing ourselves), so maybe that makes up for it. The best adive I can give to brides still in the planning stage is try not to stress because it will all come together one way or another. Even if there are a few bumps the most important thing is you will be married to your best friend at the end of the day. I Stressed about a lot of timeline issues that just didn't matter in the end. But there were some minor bumps... very minor.

- One small bump was that it was raining the morning of the wedding, and my makeup person was late, but we manged to get to the church pretty much on time. The biggest shocker to me was that my FI actualy arived before me! I had fully expect him to be half an hour late because he's not the best at managing time, so I was super thrilled to be told he was already there when I arrived at the church.

-Another small bump was that through some confusion the best man didn't make it to the back of the church to escort my mother down the isle, but my now brother in law simply escorted both mothers down at the same time. He is a very young teen so the picture look cute I thought!

-small bump number three, the organist started to play the wedding party music too early, then caught himself. It was fine, but confusing for a moment.

Once my dad and I started walking my heart just flew. I almost started crying from joy (tears were in the corners of my eyes), but I held it back. I had to slow myself down because seeing my fiance at the end waiting for me made me want to speed walk to him. I just couldn't wait to reach his side! It's funny because i saw another knottie say something similar a few months ago and I saw just how true it was. I had had this plan to start at a certain timing of the music but... that thought was gone from my mind when I saw him!

The ceremony was beautiful, the sermon the priest gave was awesome! And because it was the weekend after Easter we didn't have to pay for flowers for the church because the alter was already full of beautiful ones!  (I highly recommend doing that for brides planning spring wedding next year!) The vows felt surreal. I couldn't believe it was actually happening wile it was. I had dreamed about that day so often (literally) that I thought I was about to wake up and find we still had a month to go!

-small bump number 4. My husband and I got lost on the way to the reception so... yeah... arrived about fifteen minutes later than we had intended.

The reception was like a dream! The center pieces looked awesome! like something out of an enchanted garden. It stopped raining by the time we got out of the church and the sun peaked out. everyone there seemed so happy, and so happy for us, and got along great. The food tasted wonderful! The only sad part of we ate so little of it ourselves. The staff was wonderful, the DJ was great! My husband and I was professional ballroom dancers so a great deal of our guests were either students, amateur dancers, or other professionals.  As you can imagin the dancing part of the evening looked great! Everyone on the floor, everyone dancing! I felt so incredibly bless to have such wonderful friends and family around us. The cake was done by an amateur from Craigslist and it looked and tasted great! We stayed until the end up the night. For the last 45 minutes I changed into a short, white dress my friend who owns a bridal shop gave me so I could dance some faster dances like swing and salsa without the ballgown getting in the way.

When all was finished we left for a bed and breakfast closer to the airport, and then the next day left for Puerto Rico, which turned out to be a fantastic honeymoon!

Just have to add, our photographer was awsome! If anyone lives in the metro Detroit MI area look up Sam Fawaz, and do it fast because his prices are REALLY good at the moment because he only recently struck out on his own (photographed for years under someone else), but he said they would be going up next year after he built up his wedding portfolios more. I couldn't believe how lucky we were to find him!


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