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Does The Knot have any Export tools?

The Knot claims there is an export option on every page but it certainly not appearing.

Is there a means export guests that have accepted? We'd like to make seating cards among other things.  It doesn't seem like you can even see just the accepted list.

Re: Does The Knot have any Export tools?

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    For those looking for the same information (how to export, etc) we finally found it.
    (Since The kKnot instructions were wrong and out of date)

    Here's the actual step by step:

    Go to My Knot link upper left
    Select My Guest List on the left side of the page
    That will display my guest list manager page
    Click on the View List button right underneath Wedding Guest List (1/3 way down the page)
    That will display Wedding Guest List with invited, accepted, etc. - to the right is a link that says View Summary (Should have been named Summary and Export)
    That brings up a View Summary page
    Go half way down the page and you will see Lists
    Now select the settings you wish to export.
    In our case we wanted accepted invites by individuals.
    So we selected Individuals, Responses - filter by Accepted

    Once you have the settings click on the green Create Report button in the lower right of that area.
    This will ask where to save the file.
    The file saved will be a text file with a .csv suffix.  It can be opened in any spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers, Google Docs?,etc)
    Each column will have different information depending on the settings selected.
    You could also edit a copy of this text file.

    Hopefully The Knot will update their help information and also make the button more accessible and better labeled.

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    This is yet another reason we generally advise against using TK tools for anything. Save a backup of whatever you're doing, JIC.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    @DylandVal: Thanks so much for explaining! I would have never thought to click "Summary" to find the export function.
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