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Hello! I am in the process of looking at make-up artists for my September wedding. So far I have quotes from Jaclynn Kate, Donna Sousa from Makeover Artistry, and Jennie Kay Beauty. The quotes have a pretty big range and I'm having a hard time deciding. Since I'm not from the area, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these artists that they could share. I looked though the old feeds and saw a few positive recommendations for Jaclynn Kate, but couldn't find anything on the other two options. 


Re: Makeup artist recommendations

  • I would highly recommend asking SERAI Beauty for a quote. They've been wonderful to work with so far, and they came to me highly recommended by local brides.
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    Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately, they are already booked for my date, so I'm looking at alternatives. 
  • I highly recommend Melissa at http://www.mawbeautystudio.com/ she is great.
  • SARA FAELLA all the way, she is pricey to get her but worth it. If she's in town that weekend anyway (in RI) she sometimes gives discounts and she fit me in right away for a trial. I liked that.
    I looked at Jaclynn Kate but was not impressed with her overall work with makeup it wasn't polished enough for me and I just wasn't a fan of the hair either, I don't know it just wasn't for me.

    I have never heard of Jennie Kay when doing my search either but I have heard good things about Makeover Artistry (Donna).

    Here's sara's website www.sarafaella.com 

    you won't be sorry:) I can pm photo if you like good luck keep us posted!
  •  Thank you so much for your recommendation. I just sent an email to Sara Faella to inquire about her availability on our date. I'm a little concerned since the website says that they require mothers of the bride to have a trial. My mom is not from the area and it would be difficult for her to get out here just for a trial. 

    I have a trial booked with Jaclynn Kate, Deb Houghton, and Makeover Artistry within the next couple of weeks. So my fingers are crossed that I'll find something by the end of this month!  

    I'd love to see a photo if you don't mind pm'ing me one. 

  • You might want to read one bride's experience with Sara Faella before booking her.. it's not pretty. http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/1015549/makeup-artist-recommendations#latest
  • Thanks for the heads up! I just had a trial with Deb Houghton and I was happy with her work. But she prefers regular makeup to airbrush and I'm worried the makeup won't last the entire night. I had a trial scheduled this weekend for Jaclynn Kate, but unfortunately she emailed me to cancel tonight because someone just booked my date. She did recommend Ali Lomazzo and I emailed her tonight to see if she is still available. It sounds like she is booked that day but has 2 other stylists available, but I don't know enough about stylists to know if that's a good decision or not. I'm getting nervous that I waited too long to find someone to do makeup and that I'm going to have to book someone without doing a trial first (and I'm not really comfortable with that). Fingers crossed that something works out. I can't thank everyone enough for all of their replies! Please keep them coming!
  • I booked with Proradiance Artistry, she was my third trial. I was getting pretty nervous. It helps to bring in a photo of what you're looking for, check out their porfolio so you can tell them what you like and don't like, and be clear about what you expect.
  • We are using Bella Beauty, We also looked at Studio B
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