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package change

So I noticed online that the package that I originally went for has now changed online. We no longer receive open bar for an hour, don't get the choice of linens, and other small changes. I am freaking cause in my contract it just states that we are getting the gold package with the price. Do any of you girls know if they have to honor the original package? It's why we picked the venue, it offered the most but the new package is not appealing.

Re: package change

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    If you bought the old package BEFORE all these changes then you definitely should speak up! If they suddenly changed all the stuff on you, that seems suspicious and like they are robbing of your money and the things they said they'd include. I'd be furious if I bought the whole package and my venue suddenly changed on me. 
  • I lucked out, I still get the old package. I was freaking though. At least now I have it in writing. 
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