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Need advice...

FI and I live 8 hours apart.  We discussed possibly going to a B&B in the Hill Country of TX for our HM.  He lives in San Antonio, so it would be somewhat close to home.  That would be perfect, especially if I'm already moved.  We would also have the rest of Christmas break after the HM to get settled.

His thought is that we'll wait to do the move after the wedding and take a trip later, maybe next summer.   The only problem with that is he's trying to get a commission as an officer in the Navy once he graduates, and if he's selected....it would probably be next summer....

I don't need or want a big trip or something elaborate, but if we go straight from the wedding to moving, then back to work and school....I feel like we're missing out on time we're never going to get back.  Even if we don't do anything, we need to take some time out for ourselves after the wedding. 

Thoughts?  We can't seem to come to an agreement on this yet.

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Re: Need advice...

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    Some people will say a honeymoon is "just another vacation" and that there's nothing wrong with waiting to take an anniversary trip or a delayed honeymoon. Which it's true, there isn't anything wrong with that option. Personally, I'm looking forward to the honeymoon for the reason you stated - taking time out for ourselves after the wedding and soaking up the awesomeness that is being husband and wife.

    Is it an option for you to move before the wedding in a manner that doesn't make you go crazy with stress over moving AND the wedding? If you could move before, it sounds like you could get a little weekend away together before jumping back in to the real world. Even if it's just a night or two! Call it your honeymoon and enjoy it. What is FI's opinion on something like that?
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    We had two nights in a Kansas City hotel.  We didn't care.  We were happy to have survived the wedding.  Before the wedding, we were 1100 miles apart, so being together was enough.
    On our 25th anniversary we took our first cruise to Alaska.  Since then, we have been all over the world on 17 cruises.
    It didn't matter to us.  We were happy just to be married, and we had financial goals that were important to us.
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