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Natural Wedding Hair Stylist NJ/NY?

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Hello ladies, I was wondering does anyone know of a hairdresser in New Jersey/New York, that knows how to do 'wedding natural hairstyles'.  I want someone who thinks outside of just braiding and twisting.  I am looking for a very 'nubian princess' updo and I would like them to come my hotel the morning of my wedding day?  I know I can post this on my local board, but I need some help from my sistas on this one!  LOL thank you !

Re: Natural Wedding Hair Stylist NJ/NY?

  • I'll be back when I think of more but they came to mind immediately. Where specifically are you bridey, ny/nj is a huge metro area, it might help if I just look around your neighborhood (or mine, I'm in essex county in the dirty jerz) ;) hey neybuh.
  • Thank you so much for helping me out!! yes great question, I am in Union County so we are neighbors!!!!, small world!!!, but I am willing to travel as far as Manhatten/Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx to consult and find someone. I am familiar with khamitkinks, I was going to get some loc extensions done from there until they quoted me like $1,000 rofl!! I was like ha??? :0   I reached out to Nedjetti but she never responded. So any help you can provide would be great...!! thank you so much!
  • Holla Route 78!  lol. 

    I'll be back when I find out the name of it, but there's a shop off Stuyvesant Ave, over there by the dairly queen where it turns from Union to Irvington.  There's no awning, I be damned if there's a legal street address (you know how we do).  Two of my girlfriends who are locked, go there and rave about this woman. 

    Girl I ain't wanna be the one to tell you Nedjetti be on one with that price list but they were in Essence so I guess she like, I'm trying to get rich, bitch!   :)  

    Sorry, rambling.  I'll find you the name of that shop in a sec.  
  • lol @ 78 !! I know exactly where you are!!  Ok yes would love the name, now not to drive you crazy but does the shop you are referring to, just do locs, or do they do natural hair also?  Just to clarify, I am not loc'd, but when i was thinking about it, i was thinking about extensions, but decided against it.

    My hair is natural, but it's hard finding a stylist who specializes in 'bridal natural hair'!  I did send an inquiry to Khamit Kinks to check out their pricing, I am bracing myself! lol

    LOL @ Nedjetti, so agree, I know who I want is out there, just gotta search!

    p.s your not rambling at all ! lol
  • No she does natural as well.   There are a few other shops I'm gonna go through my wallet for.   I'm not trying to throw shade on the peopleses but guh? you sure you want them to come to you?  Here's what, when I find the ladies whose names I'm tracking down, they finna be in and around Irvington, Newark, Maplewood.  On your day - when is your day by the way lol?  on your day, you want a sis to be on time because that photographer gets paid no mattstuh what, amen?  (please see you know how we do).  If close enough would you consider going to her?
  • No I completely understand, in fact that is one of my concerns, like you said, you know how we do!  But yea i really need them to come to me, I have to depart from hotel by 1pm and I don't want that little bit of time in the morning to be spent with me commuting etc......My wedding is may 10, 2015.

    But I completely understand, thats why I was trying to find someone who really really serious about their brand and their profession.  That's why I reached out to Nedjetti because her name/brand is important to her, so I am confident she would be punctual....but trust I am with you!  

    I was hoping to find a professional who has a 'structured bridal service package' When I find these kind of places, they don't understand my hair :((
  • okay bridey, so google turn't up a page I hadn't seen before but I have heard of 2 of the ones listed here - Nedjetti (a different Nedjetti lol) and Femi.   Try the link and then do some pictorial research of the other two.   Come back and tell us how you made out!

    The Natural Twist Hair Salon
    East Orange
    (973) 677-3166

    (973) 763-4300
  • Ok honey!! Got it, I will check these out!!  Thank you so much for your help!!  Will def keep you posted!

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