Looking for photographer, just for pre-reception family portraits?

Hey guys,

I have kind of an odd situation. I'm Mormon, so I'm getting married/sealed in the temple in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 5th of this year, and then having a small dessert and punch reception just with family and close friends in Ann Arbor on September 12th. Before the reception, just for an hour or an hour and a half, I want to get some formal pictures taken of my fiance and I with our families. We'll already have pictures taken in SLC in our Western wedding clothing, just of the two of us, and then in Ann Arbor we'd like pictures of us in our Indian wedding attire with my family, his family, and both our families. Nothing fancy, nothing longer than about 90 minutes. I'm having a hard time finding photographers offering packages that small, and when I've asked about custom packages the quotes I've been given have been much higher than the ones I've gotten from our photographer in SLC ($500 for 90 minutes, one shooter, copyright to our pictures, some editing, some prints, nothing too extravagant). Is this just an issue of market? Do any of you know of a photographer that offers a small, simple package like I'm looking for?


Re: Looking for photographer, just for pre-reception family portraits?

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    My favorite portrait photographer in the area is Nicole Mehelich (<click!). Her rate would be $375 for the 90 minute session, which includes $150 print credit. Prints or digital images are additional to that. Her work is awesome though.

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    Ok, check out Sam Fawaz! He was our wedding photographer and he did a fantastic job! But the best part is he has super good rates going on right now because he only recently started his own business (worked for years under other photographers) so he needs to build up his wedding portfolio. Here's a link to his craigs list add because it shows some prices there as well as some of his work (ours are the first seven shown ;)LINK

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