limo timeline does this sound ok

so we finally booked our limo a 15 passenger party bus

limo bus will pick up fiance and his men at the venue in southington at 4 to get to church by 4:20-4:30 in new britain

limo will then get to my house in new britain down the street from the church for 4:30-4:35

take us around 4:45 to the church  ceremony is from about 45 minutes long starting at 5
5:45 church ends dont know if we should do a receiving  line  if so we would only have from 5:45 to 6 to do it
6 head over to the park also down the street from my house and church
for about half hour to 35 minutes, then leave and head over to the venue for reception at 7

is about a half hour or so good enough time for photos or should we plan for more time. 

new britain to southington is about 19 minutes to venue cocktail hour starts at 7 followed by dinner and dance at 8

Re: limo timeline does this sound ok

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    I would plan for more time for photos, definitely.

    Remember, the point of cocktail *hour* is to give your guests something to do in your absence while you're off taking photos.  If you want to be at your reception from the beginning, then you don't really need the cocktail hour and may as well go right into dinner and dancing.  Otherwise, you have until 8pm to get to your reception.  I really didn't want to miss out on the apps my venue was serving, so I had them make H and I a little to-go box and we had a snack for the hotel later that night :)
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    Depend how many people you  have in your wedding party but a half hour for pictures is probably not going to be enough time. We're giving ourselves almost 2 hours and we have 12 people in our bridal party and 3 sets of parents.
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    ok maybe i will extend it so that we are there for more than 30 minutes and that we get there for some of cocktail hour
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    as long as you don't have an unhosted gap you are fine!
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    there will be no gap at all.

    by the time everyone gets out of church and starts to mingle with each other and chit chat ( guests) get in the cars and start driving to the venue it will be after 6 venue is 18 minutes in no traffic but figure saturday in the summer for traffic so by the time everyone gets to venue parks gets out chit chats more with other people it will be close to 7
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