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I love my DW brides

Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to throw a post out there to say thank you! Any time I have posted a question on the DW discussion board I have received so many nice answers and comments, even if you have disagreed. I have been looking through other boards (Wedding Atire, Bridal party etc...) just to see what's out there and some of these brides are just plain MEAN. A lot of comments have included tons of sarcasm, super bitchy responses and so on. I saw one post where someone actually cussed the bride out. So thanks for being super friendly DW brides! :)


Re: I love my DW brides

  • My first post I got sassy comments, it definitely made me scared to post again! I'm glad I wasn't the only one surprised by all the rude, sassy comments. Love the interaction on this board!
  • Agree!  There are some very narrow-minded people out there who can't seem to get over the fact that many brides are just not "traditional" and might not follow exact "etiquette."  We're all here to help each other, no need to be nasty!
  • I think that every person should have the wedding that they want to have, not what others want them to have. People just seem to get so set on what proper "etiquette" says. Not every wedding is the same. I have also found at times a lot of criticism for having a destination wedding and a small reception/celebration of our marriage upon our return. Because you "can't possibly have a reception, if your wedding is not on the same day."
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    42 days out! *hi 5* DW friends!!
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  • BreMRBreMR member
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    I've noticed that a lot of people think that being invited to a destination wedding is kind of a hassle,and I've already gotten some not so positive remarks, so as I get more into planning I'll probably be coming to you guys more :)  *My wedding is in December of 2015 so I have plenty of time*   
  • BreMR said:
    I've noticed that a lot of people think that being invited to a destination wedding is kind of a hassle,and I've already gotten some not so positive remarks, so as I get more into planning I'll probably be coming to you guys more :)  *My wedding is in December of 2015 so I have plenty of time*   
    If it makes you feel better I just got from my parents house and my mom tied to talk me out of it and get married in Ohio. All you have to remember is, it is about what you and your fiance want. Plus when I get alot of crap for it, I just look at pictures from weddings in Mexico and it helps it fade away :)
  • I agree with all of you ladies!! I love all of the support and love on the DW page! My wedding is not until Sep 2015 so I have plenty of time as well...lots of questions to be posted ;)
  • Just wanted to jump in here - I've been monitoring the DW forums for ages as well and I couldn't agree more.  I never posted during the planning of mine (December 2013 in Thailand) but picked up a lot of great advice.  

    For those of you planning away - stick with your dream and just take the stressful people/situations with a grain of salt (or sand...:)  Your wedding will be beautiful and exactly how you want it, no matter what planning nightmares are thrown your way!  
  • Yes. If I hear how expensive it is again I am going to flip my cookies. I always say, "You don't have to come." . That was my whole point of DW. Really its not THAT bad for all inclusive and all the activities you can do. People get on my nerves! LOL
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  • You have to do what ultimately makes you happy. The most important people are you and your fiancé together vowing to love one another. Those who care will be there. Most of our friends are making it a vacation. And once people talk about price I break down a night in atlantic city for them and show how cost effective an all inclusive really is.
  • I so agree with the PP, Even though I would love for everyone we are inviting to come (55) realistically we are looking for maybe 25 if that to actually attend.  We have already let our tentative guest know that while we would love for them to attend they are not OBILGATED. At the end of the day, whether all 55 attend or just 2 I am still marrying the man of my dreams.
  • Hello all,
     First time posting and I agree. My fiancé and I just decided last week we are going to get married in Maui next year and we just started telling immediate family so they could start saving and already we have people asking why so far, it's going to be expensive, blah blah blah. 

    But at the end of the day it is our wedding and that is where we will have it regardless of who ends up coming. It's nice to be part of a community where we can vent and relate to each other :)
  • Welcome @BridalMUA! You're always going to have people complaining unfortunately, destination wedding or not! :( But keep your head up and be confident in your choice, it will be a beautiful day and everyone who comes will have a great time!

    We discussed getting married in Mexico for 7 years and when we got engaged and set the date in Mexico people were surprised, haha. I think they thought we were joking this whole time?? But the majority of friends and family are super excited so it's nice to have that support :) Good luck planning, Maui sounds amazing!!

  • @Latillo that's so funny! You would think talking about it for so long it WOUDLN'T have been such a surprise!! But Mexico is so beautiful! Where exactly are you getting married?

    Thank you for the well wishes :) We have been to Oahu but never Maui so it will be a first on many levels. It would be nice to have  wedding here at home, but there are SO Many family members on my fiancé's side that we would be putting the equivalent of a down payment on a home just to feed everyone, lol. A destination wedding makes so much more sense financially. 
  • @BridalMUA yes we are so excited to be getting married in Mexico, we have been many times and love it! Our dream was to be married in Cabo San Lucas but when we started looking at flights and saw how much they were we nixed that plan. We are trying to keep it cost effective for our guests and flights were around $700 a person. So we decided on Playa Del Carmen in the Riveria Maya, we are getting married at the Secrets Maroma Beach.

    Yah I love the idea of a destination wedding, we never really considered having one here. I have too many friends that have had large weddings and said it was very stressful and didn't even get to talk with everyone at the wedding. I want to relax and enjoy time with everyone! Plus financially it does make a lot more sense and we just bought a house so we need all the money we can get! haha 

    I have never been to Hawaii, I am so jealous! It's going to be beyond beautiful! :) Just enjoy and relax!

  • @Latillo I love both places! My friend got married in the exact same place you will be and the wedding was amazing!! We loved every minute of it. You will love it too. Ahhh Playa Del Carmen is breathtaking!

  • I haven't seen anyone on the knot who has been to or had a wedding at SMB! I've been dying for details! lol  If you'd care to share any with me that would be awesome @BridalMUA My brother and sister in law have been there and loved it but they were not there for a wedding. I'd love any details you'd like to share with me!
  • These DW posts are great for me to read. I REALLY want a DW wedding but am worried I will be sad if my parents aren't there. I am going to invite them knowing they may say no because they cant afford it. I have to remember that it is about FI and I and even though my mom would be sad she would get over it. We would definately have a "celebration of marriage" after and show the video and photos.
  • Aw that would be sad if your parents couldn't make it :(. I don't think I could have a DW if my parents, siblings and best friends couldn't come. Could you help them with the cost? That way you could have the best of both worlds!
  • I love reading this because I too have found people to be very nasty and condescending about DW's on the boards. Latillo I was looking at Cabo too but its really a hassle for East Coasters so I chose Riviera Maya as well. Secrets Maroma was my first choice but as the fiancee will have two nephews 15 and 17 i wouldn't want them excluded (even though no other kids are invited) so we picked Dreams Riviera instead. We have a vacation plan and have been to 2 Dreams and 2 Secrets and they really are wonderful!

    Also- my reasons for having a DW are exactly the same as yours. My friends had a nightmare of a time and its absurdly expensive and won't ask my parents to do that. Honestly I think the people that come are going to love it since it's all inclusive and will be a whole different experience from other peoples weddings.
  • I could help my parent's with the cost but that's likely it. I dont think we will invite friends but I am ok with that as long as I can celebrate with the after the fact. 
  • We paid for ours. None of my family made it. Some of his did. I had my best friend. We have a DVD. Everyone lived and is ok about not going. I wouldn't change a thing. It was amazing.
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