Rehearsal brunch/lunch near Sharon, MA?

We're having our rehearsal around 11am the day before the wedding, so we're going to have a rehearsal lunch or brunch afterwards instead of a rehearsal dinner. Any recommendations for restaurants near Sharon, MA? If not in Sharon, we'd like to be a little closer to Boston, rather than farther south or west. We'll have about 20 people (maximum 24).

It would be nice to be able to have lunch/brunch in a private room, or a sort of private area in the restaurant. We'd also prefer brunch options because, let's face it, brunch is spectacular. Neither is required, though. In terms of price ranges, nothing terribly expensive, but my mom scoffed at Bertucci's, so ... I guess no chains? I don't know; I'd be happy inviting people over for pizza.

Re: Rehearsal brunch/lunch near Sharon, MA?

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