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Getting in Shape


Ugh! Ladies! The big day is Nov. 1 and I kept regretting not working out the day before when I wake up every morning.


Today I did a workout video and played some tennis yesterday and realized just how out of shape this gal is.


I want to lose at least 20 lb by then and it's totally doable because I CAN lose weight relatively easy but just have to do the work.


My FI doesn't want to work out at night at the gym (but he wants to lose weight) LOL!


I need to start this week and get into a routine. What works best for you girls?


I eat healthy but need to decrease my portion sizes - and just need to MOVE. LOL!


Who wants to hold me accountable!? LOL



Re: Motivation...

  • Wedding is in September and I'm so there with ya!! I keep saying next week I will wake up early and work out and ha that doesn't happen!
  • My wedding is also in September and I think I finally just lost 5lbs.. here's hoping its just not water weight. What works for me is to set a calorie consumed limit and not exceed that limit. Although, exercise is conducive for weight loss, don't count on it to lose that weight. Instead, make sure you aren't eating too much, even if it is healthy. 
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