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Maui resorts/hotels (XP in Hawaii thread)

Hi ladies, 
I was just wondering where you and/or your guests were staying on Maui?  That is our last big decision to make.  We've gotten rates from Honu Kai, Sheraton and Marriott in Wailea.  Just curious what others are doing.

Re: Maui resorts/hotels (XP in Hawaii thread)

  • We had the hardest time deciding on accommodations - it drove me crazy for weeks! I originally wanted to do a hotel room block but ultimately, we decided that it would be impossible to please all our guests (whether it be budget, location, luxury, etc. - and some guests were bringing younger children) AND we weren't 100% sure we'd have enough guests for the room block, so we chose to stay in a condo leading up to the wedding and then a hotel for afterwards.

    The condo complex we chose is the Maui Kamaole. It has a good mix of newly renovated (i.e. more luxurious) and basic accommodations, so that guests can choose whatever they are comfortable with. It's close to the beach, has great reviews and a pool/bbq area that is shared. This way, we can still spend time with our guests in close proximity but also get to enjoy our own "resort holiday" for our mini "honeymoon" too. Our guests all seemed to appreciate that we did the research for them on selecting the condo and everyone has managed to find something without any issue. I'm really excited, as it also means we can hang out at each other's condos and just enjoy each other's company without having to meet up at a bar or restaurant just to enjoy a drink or two! =)

    One of the contenders for our hotel search was the Makena Beach and Golf Resort. We were set on staying in South Maui early on, so we limited our search to either Kihei, Makena or Wailea.

    Good luck! =) I've heard great things about both the Sheraton and the Marriott (in Wailea) so I'm sure your guests will be pleased with whatever you decide!
  • We decided on the Honua Kai Resort for our room block.  The terms of the contract were pretty decent and most importantly, we didn't have to put a desposit down!  I was a little worried when I started researching room blocks and SO many require you to give them thousands of dollars up front! 

    We recently stayed at the Honua Kai Resort on our planning trip/trip to visit family and it was awesome.  The rooms were perfect and huge.  We are also doing our "welcome reception" at Duke's Beach House, which is on the property.

    The only other resort I found without a deposit requirement was the Hyatt in Ka'anapali.  The Marriott in the same area did not do room blocks since it's mostly time shares.

    Also, I wanted to mention that I used a service called Jetaport which gets quotes for room blocks and returns them to you.  You work with an "agent" who basically gets a commission from the hotel (no cost to you).  Check out their website.  It was really easy and much quicker than doing all of the research and emailing hotels yourself!

  • I had a look at jetaport and I couldn't get it to bring up Honua Kai.  Can I ask what your nightly group rate is?  
    The other hotels I looked at were more expensive through jetaport.  Especially Sheraton and Marriott in Wailea were heaps more expensive then the quote the hotel gave us directly.
  • But I'm so glad that you liked Honua Kai.  It looks amazing but it's nice to hear that someone has stayed there and liked it.  Thanks!

  • Interesting... all the rates I received were much lower through Jetaport than the hotel themselves.  Maybe it depends on the season/time of year.  I'll DM you with our rates for Honua Kai shortly.  If you have a Jetaport rep, you can also ask them to help you reach out to Honua Kai and other specific hotels not on their website.  The rep I had was very patient and helpful in answering all of my questions.
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