Catholic Churches in Chicago

Hi! I'm trying to find a Catholic Church in Chicago that will be somewhat flexible/accommodating to an interfaith marriage. I'm Catholic and my fiancee isn't.  He has agreed to do the Catholic ceremony, but I think he'd like to be able to add a few elements that are meaningful to him (ie writing our own vows).  I know some churches and priests are more flexible with incorporating other faiths/secular elements into the wedding ceremony.  I am not looking for a lot here - I know the Catholic ceremonies are pretty set and that custom vows would be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest Chicago Catholic churches that lean a bit more liberal.  

I'm looking at Old St Pats and they seem pretty accepting of other faiths, but I would also love to get married at Holy Name Cathedral.  I just joined the parish and am not too familiar with their stance on interfaith marriages.  If anyone has experience with either (or a church I haven't mentioned), please let me know what you think!


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