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Buying Makeup for Wedding

My skin like to allude people and MUAs. It looks a particular shade, but an hour after getting applied with foundation/concealer/powder it oxidizes a few shades darker. As well, within 3-4 hours my nose turns into an oily mess and my makeup likes to slide right off. My sister who is a hair stylist and freelance MUA will be doing my makeup for me on my wedding, and asked me to start looking for the best foundation and concealer for my skin tone. I typically wear what some people would say is a lot of make up (I don't think so, but whatevs); primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner and mascara. 

I can only hope I am not the only one with this problem, so tell me knotties, what do you use? Cost is not an issue, I have VERY yellow undertones, I have crazy oily skin (not looking for the dewy look so please don't suggest MAC...though their tones match me perfect) and I do not want to have to reapply in the middle of my wedding (so something that will last at least 8 hours). I would prefer a brand I can get at Sephora since their return policy is the best thing in the world.


Re: Buying Makeup for Wedding

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    Well what do you use? I used the same stuff I use everyday (Smashbox foundation, Sephora concealer), plus Urban Decay mattifying powder and setting spray.
  • I don't normally wear make up, but I bought some Urban Decay products for the wedding and they worked great. What pp said though, what do you normally wear?
  • I had a good luck with Mary Kay. I would recommend going to a Sephora & trying out their different brands or go to your local department store that offers different brands and see if you get a makeover, if if you have to pay a few dollars or buy a lipstick. Take a selfie right after you get your makeup done & then again a few hours later & then again a few hours after that. Then compare the photos to see which one held up the best. Will this be time consuming....yes. But I think very worth it to know that you'll be happy with how your makeup looks from beginning to end on your wedding day
  • I have pretty oily skin (sad face!) and recently got the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation & I think it's a miracle. I don't get oily at all in my t-zone the way I used too.

    The only down side to it is the color selection (not a lot of shades) and if you do have any dry patches it clings to them like crazy. I still think it's an awesome foundation though!

  • I start off with a primer by hourglass (mineral veil) and I went to Sephora and found a foundation that matches me practically perfectly (HOORAY!) but still looking for concealer. The foundation is light 45 Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation. I set it with a translucent powder (thinking of making it silica based though) and contour with a matte bronzer, both by NYX. Blush is by MAC, a deep rosey color. Eyeliner is cream based by Clinique and mascara is whatever I have on hand (maybe I'll look for something specific to lengthening and volumizing, probably waterproof).

    Day of I won't wear glasses, but this was today's face, right after application. Anything anyone can comment on? I'm using Kandee J's 7 step to flawless face as inspiration to contouring.


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    Makeup forever HD foundation and setting powder are amazing! They were made specifically for pictures (they don't give you the bright white kind of face). Smashbox photo finish primer is great too, and they have different types depending on your skin type. To avoid the makeup coming off thing (the worst!), I would definitely recommend Urban Decay's de-slick makeup finishing spray. I have an oily t-zone and this sets my makeup all day! With those products combined, you're almost guaranteed a long lasting good look. I just realized I sound like an advertisement, haha. But I'm just a girl who loves makeup and has tried many many different products. You can buy all if those at sephora, btw, and they'll put it on for you so you can try it out first. Good luck! :)
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    Oh and that hourglass primer you mentioned is awesome too!
  • Try to find oil control makeup. I used Covergirl but it has a blue cap

  • I use Meow and love it! I'm extremely pale so mixing their 0 (Snow Lynx) with a 1 (I forget the shade name, but I'm very cool toned so my shade wouldn't work for you) 50/50 is about the only thing that works. Concealer for dark circles is their Siamese applied with a wet brush. The foundation covers red bumps on it's own and I don't use concealer on those ever as it seems to enhance the bump. I don't see any oxidation ever.

    Kat von D makeup is really hideous on me. It's too globby and heavy, but doesn't cover anything. Which baffles me as hello, she should understand how to conceal tattoos, but even her meant to cover tattoos gunk doesn't work. I applied it heavily and three layers, but my gray wash nape tattoo was entirely visible. Plus, it oxides fast! Granted, I've not tried it recently. But since her tattoo work hasn't improved in years despite being only mildly talented, so I doubt the makeup is better.

    Revlon has a photo finish product. I look normal in any light, but my face is perfectly smooth and I "sparkle" per a cosplay photographer in photographs.

    ELF has a decent eyelid primer and I have used that on my oil slick nose before and it holds makeup perfectly.

    I also use ELF eye liner. Get castor oil on the liner brush, get shadow color of choice, apply over primer. Perfect and the castor oil makes my lashes thick and long enough to never need mascara.
  • Thanks ladies!


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