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HELP- Bridal shower locations charlotte,nc

I need help finding a locations I can have a bridal shower. My bridesmaids can't find anything with all those criteria's. I'm looking for a place inexpensive, spacious, and be able to bring my own food. Any suggestions?

Re: HELP- Bridal shower locations charlotte,nc

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    How about in someone's home?  And really you shouldn't be doing anything for your bridal shower except providing a guest list and showing up.  Your BMs can and will figure this out.

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    This is a question your bridesmaids should be asking, not you. It's their money. 

    One of my bridesmaids has an adorable house. So my bm's hosted it there and saved their money to order in brunch and build a mimosa bar. 
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    Thanks. So true.
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