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This is bugging more often now...(vent)


Re: This is bugging more often now...(vent)

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    And another gripe that goes along with this.  I cannot stand the whole "every girl dreams of her wedding" argument.  Being female doesn't make one wedding-obsessed, just as being male doesn't make one completely bored by and uninterested in weddings.
    This is much yes this!!! Everyone assumes that because FI and I are both women we're both super obsessed with the wedding and getting the wedding we each dreamed of as little girls. Because that's what we were doing. Dreaming of our big fancy weddings. Because we were girls. 

    The truth is, we're both people. And neither of us really were much into weddings when we were kids. I never dreamed of big poofy dress and zillion of people staring at me walking down an aisle. Actually, remember the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie tries on the big wedding dress and breaks out into hives? I was pretty young when I saw that, but I related to her very well. The idea of the big dress, made me feel itchy. I daydreamed about a lot of things, a wedding wasn't one of them. Even though I have a vagina and identify as female.
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    @MagicInk I adore you.

    I'm a bisexual lady, and because I'm engaged to a man people treat me as straight. Along with that comes an awful lot of assumptions. Very few people know that before FI, I was very seriously dating a lady. (And we ended on good terms- she's my MOH!)

    So yeah, I feel you on the "excuse me I'm right here" thing.
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