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Ocho Rios

Has anyone else been to Ocho Rios in Jamaica? We are staying at the Jewel Dunn's River resort and can't waaaaaait!!! What are some must-do things there?
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Re: Ocho Rios

  • I went to Couples Tower Isle....loved it.  We did the hike Dunn's River Falls thing one morning--it was fun but you have to walk through a village of vendors to leave that are really pushy.  Bring a surfing rash guard if you have one, or buy an inexpensive one, and something to wear on your feet.  The rocks are slippery and rough.  I wore little rubber shoes from Wal-Mart...they look like plastic flats but have rugged straps on them.  The water is cold, so I was really happy to have the rash guard.  

    My favorite afternoon was out sailing though.  We drank punch, anchored in a cove and swam...see if the resort can hook you up with a sailing company.  
  • I should add, too, if your resort staff is like Couples, you'll love it.  Our staff was so kind, every few minutes someone was asking if I was having fun and what they could do to make the trip perfect.  I was really impressed with the people.

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    We are planning on hiking the Dunn's Falls too. Thanks for the tips! We definitely need to get some of those swim shoes. Sailing sounds like so much fun! We would love to do something like that!
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  • I didn't get Aquasox because they're so cheesy looking, but more like this:

    I wore the same rubber shoes white water rafting later, they were great for both.

    Go sailing and enjoy the rum punch!  So fun!  There are a lot of places that have horseback riding around there, too.  It looked pretty.  We didn't do it since we have horses at home.  But if you like horses and don't have them, that looked good, too.  I'd definitely skip going into town to shop though.  It's all t-shirts, beads, trinkets, and pushy vendors.

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