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New Jersey

BEWARE: Buying Pronovias Gowns at Sassy Chic in Red Bank, NJ

Hi all,

I wanted to let anyone who may have bought a Pronovias gown through Sassy Chic in Red Bank, NJ that you should be on your toes about getting your dress in on time, if at all.

I ordered my gown through them in October of 2013. They told me it typically takes 6 months to come in, given the Chinese New Year holidays at the beginning of the year. So in January I called again to ask if they had a general time line of when it would come in. They told me they would have their September brides' gowns in between March and April. I said great - I'm going to have my grandmother come in from out of town around the end of April so that would be perfect for a first fitting.

I kept in contact, popped by in mid-March for the wedding walk. They still said end of April would be no problem. Well. I didn't hear from them at all so began checking up: 2 weeks before my appointment they told me they were waiting on Pronovias to get back to them with the shipping confirmation (apparently my gown had been in the Pronovias warehouse on Long Island). Then the week before - nothing. No phone call, no communication. I followed up multiple times and always was told they'd have an answer soon. Well, the day of my appointment comes and goes and no dress, not even a phone call. I waited another 2 weeks where they didn't contact me ONCE with an explanation. Finally I called Pronovias to see if I could get some insight.

Turns out there is some serious legal issues between the store and Pronovias, and Pronovias was withholding ALL OF THE GOWNS THAT SASSY CHIC ORDERED and refused to release them. I essentially told Sassy Chic that they had 24 hours to either give me a definitive date of arrival of my dress or I wanted my deposit back. I just got the deposit back today and they released the order back to Pronovias - now I have to order the dress all over again through another store and hope that there's been no damage in the warehouse.

If you ordered a Pronovias gown through Sassy Chic, make sure you're in constant communication with them. Getting info from them was like pulling teeth and they obviously have some issues they need to resolve - but it shouldn't be at the expense of their brides' gowns.

Phew! Glad I got that off my chest!!

Re: BEWARE: Buying Pronovias Gowns at Sassy Chic in Red Bank, NJ

  • Similar story here, wish I'd seen your post sooner... What a nightmare! We ordered a dress in October 2013 for an October 2014 wedding, a Pronovias dress. We knew it takes time for the dress to come in, so we started calling in March/ April for an update. Were repeatedly told we were too early (not what we were told when we ordered), it wasn't made yet, etc. Almost impossible to even get the owner, Donna, on the phone. Always got her father if anyone answered at all, and no return calls from her majesty. They keep saying they're still doing September bride fittings, which makes absolutely NO sense! It's now late August, supposedly we had an appointment for a FIRST fitting in early September, but we've now learned that Sassy Chic doesn't even have our dress, and can't get it. Apparently some sort of legal or payment/ billing issues between the shop and Pronovias, and we are stuck in the middle. Donna wants us to get the dress on our own through another business they work with, but thinks she should still get to do the accessories??? And our deposit? She says they'll send us a check? We paid by credit card, we want the credit back to the card, DUH! Don't know what's going on with the shop or with Pronovias, seems likely it's the shop but not passing judgement, but you only get one chance on the wedding dress, and this is NOT the place to buy!!!
  • It must be the shop. I got a La Sposa by Pronovius gown and I ordered it in January and it came into the boutique in July. I am so sorry for the problems you're having. Can you call Pronovius directly?
  • @Knottie25070569 I'm sorry you're expieriencing these problems too :( The father is a piece of work, kept telling me what I was asking them to do was illegal. I ended up having to buy my dress over again through another store (Castle Couture - they are AMAZING and honored the original price). I would recommend giving them the same ultimatum. You're a month away from your wedding - fittings take weeks!!!! That's absolutely unacceptable. March down there and demand the check for your depost back and cash it right away. I even made them sign a release to make sure the check wouldn't bounce. I called Pronovias and they said that SC isn't paying their bill - when I confront SC about it, they started going on and on about how Pronovias treated them horribly, etc., but never once denied that was the issue. Turns out the stores that buy gowns from Pronovias can be behind in payments up until a certain point; after that point, Pronovias won't send them merchandise that hasn't been paid for. Basically, SC isn't paying their bills. Definitley call Pronovias and explain your situation. They were so helpful to me when I went through this in May, and my wedding is next week. You are on such a tight deadline, I'm sure they'd move things along in your case.
  • Ack - the Knot ate my paragraphs. Sorry! Feel free to PM me if you need any info :(
  • Actually, Pronovious already (obviously based on timing) has the dress made, but they wanted to sell it through their retail store, and quoted a higher price! Makes no sense, would have gladly bought it direct from them for same price as SC (and why wouldn't they just sell it to us at the same cost, including any delivery charge, that they would have sold to SC? A little greed, maybe? Not cool!) They really were less than helpful, which I don't understand- a situation like this is a real opportunity to generate terrific good will, social media plugs, great PR for any business if you can just see your way clear to go outside the norm. Wound up at Kleinfeld's on a lunch break, found something that will work and am in the alterations cycle now. The people at K were easy to work with and very sympathetic, two things we can't say about either SC or P. At this point, hope that P is stuck with the dress and has to sell it as an out-dated style 5 years from now! Won't say what we think of SC. If you can't say anything nice...
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