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Hair - too informal?

I was originally thinking I wanted to wear my hair half-up since I am most comfortable with it being down but didn't want it to be in my eyes.

After reading through some of the threads here I feel like I should peek at up-do's for a more "formal" look since my wedding dress isn't super fancy and I don't want my overall look to end up being perceived as frumpy!


Since I am not much of an up-do person I feel like something a little less polished suits me best. I just don’t know if I am running the risk of, again, looking a little too disheveled. I also am not even sure my hair could do this style anyway. I have fine strawberry blonde hair, and it's about mid-back length (think Jessica from True Blood, if you know what I'm sayin).

What are your opinions? Below is my dress & the up-do style I’m thinking of shooting for at my trial.


Re: Hair - too informal?

  • I believe brides look much more beautiful in a style that suits their personality. I'm going with a half up-half down myself. I think you'll feel more beautiful if you go with what feels best.

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  • Yeah, I am kind of feeling that way too. I like the up-style if it's a little bit messy but I'm just not sure how that would work with my hair, and I don't want to for three or four hair trials. lol!

    On a side note @teddiD34 I adore your ticker! ;)

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    Bring the updo picture with you to your trial. Your stylist will probably be able to give you the best advice about whether or not that style will work with your hair. If you really want to wear your hair half down, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! It can look just as beautiful and formal. Originally, I had wanted to wear my hair down for my wedding but both our ceremony and reception will be outside during the summer. I didn't want to risk my curls falling if it was super humid, or worrying about my neck getting sweaty! This might be something you consider too!




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  • When is your wedding and what is the weather typically like at that time of year. If you are getting married when there could be a lot of humidity take that and how well your hair holds a curl into consideration. If it doesn't hold a curl, go for an up-do so that way your style will hold instead of going flat & limp. If you don'ot have to worry about the weather, do what you want.

  • My wedding is Sept. 13th. Here in MN Sept is super hit-or-miss weather wise. It could be hot and humid or we could have snow. There's no telling. LOL!

    Usually it's still relatively warm but the heat doesn't bother me. I hadn't thought of how it would affect my hair though. Thanks!

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