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Airbrush or not?

I have been back and forth with whether or not to get airbrush makeup the day of the wedding. I am on a budget, but I do care about looking my best. I have never worn airbrush makeup and I am concerned that it is not worth the extra ($80 or so) cash. I am also concerned because I have oily skin and some acne that I want covered well and all day. I am looking for opinions of those that have worn it. Worth it??

Re: Airbrush or not?

  • I wore airbrush for my sister in laws wedding in October. It was well worth it, through all the tears and the heat it still looked amazing. It still looks natural too!
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    I had airbrush makeup done for my trial run and I absolutely hated it.  It clumped up on my skin, came off if I touched my face, and settled into all of my pores.  I have oily skin and some acne too - it seemed like the foundation didn't set on my oily skin, and it didn't cover my acne as I had hoped.
  • The only way to know for sure whether it will work for you is to pay for the trial and wear the make-up for a couple hours to see how it holds up.  For some people it works really well, for others it doesn't work at all.  My face hates it and seems to "repel" it, causing it to sort of lift and slide off my face (I don't really know how to describe it) but my older sister has had it done and it works really well for her.

    While it will be an extra cost, if you are really considering having it done, you need to be sure that you like it so that you don't pay to have it done on your wedding day only to find out you hate it or you have to wash it off and do something else instead.
  • Great. Thanks for the advice! I have picky skin, so I decided to go with traditional makeup that I know will work.
  • I was just recently a bridesmaid in a wedding. I asked the makeup artist what she thought, should I get airbrush or not. She said airbrushing is great for very hot/humid days as it lasts longer, and it's better for oily skin (she put on primer first to get rid of any oil before she airbrushed too). The makeup felt very light, didn't feel like it was caked on and looked great! It help up very well and the day was extremely hot and humid!
  • I have oily and acne prone skin also. I did a trial and it looked bad. Suuuuuuper heavy. It looked really unnatural and I felt like it would have come off in sheets if I scraped it off. BUT - it kept the oil under control and didn't make me break out. Maybe the MUA for me just sucked and gave me the wrong color or too much. 

    I agree with PPs - everyone reacts differently to it. I recommend giving it a shot.
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  • I just had my trial this week and loved the airbrushed makeup! It was light and flawless. It seems like it does the impossible...hide the flaws but still look like myself. I had been to another makeup artist who piled foundation, bronzed, highlighter and powder on me. When she finished I looked plastic-like a mannequin. The airbrush, however, was awesome. Really light with good coverage. I could even still see my freckles!
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    One of my friends recently went to a wedding where I don't remember if she said a bride or a BM had airbrushed makeup, she said it looked good until the girl started dancing & sweating and then it just ran down her face. It could have just been the brand of makeup that was used as I'm sure there are multiple brands of airbrush makeup like there are regular makeup. I will say I'm a huge advocate for finding money to do a makeup trial weeks before the wedding. I've never had a bad makeup experience before but I went for my trial then went out with friends for the day and within 4 hours of having my makeup done, I was breaking out. Luckily I had my trial done 1 1/2 months before my wedding so plenty of time to recover. We used my makeup but I let my girl at the salon apply it. The make up brand the salon carries is a very good one, I just happen to be allergic to it. So glad I found out before my wedding day & all my wedding photos.
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