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Destination Wedding Announcements for the Uninvited?

Hello ladies,

So my fiance' and I are discussing wedding announcements for our destination wedding. Do we or don't we? If we do, how far in advance do we send them out? My fiance's parents think we should send out some sort of announcement - to everyone (we are keeping the DW intimate with immediate family only i.e. parents and siblings, and a few of our very very close friends). We plan on having a celebration party upon our return in August 2015 for everyone to attend (wedding is June 2015), which we plan on doing invites for... I've thought about sending out our announcements a couple weeks prior to our departure for the DW noting that we are having an informal party when we get back. My wording on the announcement will serve as the informal celebration invitation as well.

I would love some input! Thanks ladies.


Re: Destination Wedding Announcements for the Uninvited?

  • You can have an announcement that is just that- an announcement.  Kind of like graduation announcements.  If you do that, consider sending a personal mass letter talking about how excited you are to go to your exotic destination- this clues these people in that they're important in your life, just not going to have to follow you to the ends of the earth to watch your vows.  This article has some good ideas to make them feel included, like a potluck after the wedding to show what it was like:

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    heres the article:
  • We are doing an immediate family only destination wedding and are sending out announcements after. Actually, they will be more of and address change announcement. We don't live together currently and won't until after the wedding. Mostly we will be sending them out to announce our new address for Christmas cards and 'oh, by the way, we got married'. I'm always afraid wedding announcements, while I love getting them myself, might be interpreted as a gift grab by some.
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