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Nail Polish ideas

I'm stopping ground work MMA and derby competitions around late August to heal any bruises and hopefully avoid breaking anything before the wedding. This, I get to indulge in my polish worship.

First idea is Zoya Song on all but ring finger, Zoya Dream on ring. Both are blue. Picked this because of River Song and I don't own a River Tam polish.

Second is Digital Nails Hello Sweetie. Purple squishy jelly with gobs of glitter. Yup, River Song again.

Third is Digital Nails Count Your Shadows - a pale gray with shimmer - and Oodiful - silver glitter bomb - same pattern as Zoya.

Fourth is just Count Your Shadows.

Fifth is LynB Zero. Huge TNBC fans. It's a white crelly with black glitter and red hearts.

Sixth is LynB Let's Get Mawwied. Because we're getting mawwied.

Seventh is Manglaze Royal Matrimony - another blue - and their gray. The line is strictly matte.

Eighth is Royal Matrimony with a crown jewel on my ring finger. Because honey, you should see me in a crown.

Reality is the crown is very very likely no matter the polish.

I'll probably come up with more.

All but Zoya are independent lines.

Re: Nail Polish ideas

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    Um. I haven't seen any of those colors, but every one of the references made my night. Also if you find an accurate TARDIS blue polish, lemme know? I will google the colors and have real, useful input shortly. paragraph in case the iPad decides to be an a$$ I LOVE the Zoya Song! I also really liked the Oodiful and the Count Your Shadows. My first choice would have to be Song, though.
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