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Bottle Service/random skank rant

So this is really no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I was a little annoyed this weekend.  We were at a get together with friends who are coming to vegas with us.  They were asking about details, we have only discussed dinner, with the possiblity of other activities afterwards.  So me dear Fi tells them we would like to get a party bus and arrange for bottle service afterwards.  One of the guys begins going on and on about the bachelor party his cousin had in vegas, they had bottle service.  They were pulling all kinds of girls because they had a table and free booze.  I sort of snarked back at him, "It's not free booze, I am paying an ass load per bottle, feel free to drink as much as you'd like but you don't get to share it with random skanks!  If you want to get you stick wet, go to the bar and buy her one."  We have a total of 4 single guest coming, so it won't be abig deal and I love these guys to death.  It sounds harsh, but we have a great love/hate relationship and love to give eachother tons of crap.  But for real, I will not feed the skanks :)

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  • woot woot good for you.  I would of said something similar
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    UGHHH I CAN TOTALLY RELATE!! Friends of ours invited us out this weekend (we live in Vegas) and said he had 2 for 1 bottle service. We knew the initial group of people (only about 6 of us) and offered to throw in $50-$100, no big deal. Then Friday night rolls around and he tells us they (the other 4 single guys) invited 6 girls to join us - ummm excuse me? I'm not throwing down $100 for you guys to liquor up your floozies. Not happening!!
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  • then the single people must throw down twice as more. lol
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    Yeah, I hang out with mostly guys and I can be a pretty good wing girl.  I am in no way funding your wiener adventures though.  You want to look like you got baller status, then pony up the cash for it.
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    LOL @ "wiener adventures!"

    We have a friend that lives in Vegas.  He's single and the question of whether or not he could bring a a guest was brought up.  Our rule is that if you've been dating someone for a while when the invitations go out, fine.  Your SI can come, too.  But this guy hangs out with strippers and wanted to know if he could just "roll by" the reception for a while with a couple of them before heading out for the night to party?  Seriously?  UHNO.
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    @dbacksgirl we have this problem with a few of our single guests. I told FI that no way would I allow these guys to bring a guest, because God only knows the type that would they would show up with. NOT that I am judging all single women who live in Vegas, but knowing these guys... yes I'm judging their potential choices.
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  • There should be a sign that says "Do not feed the bottle rats".
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    Haha I would love to make a sign.
  • lol at "weiner adventures and " bottle rats"

    if I get married got have mercy on anyone that brings an extra person without permission. 

  • The first time I went to Vegas with my future FIL, we went to Ghost Bar at the Palms.  It was just him and my future wife.  The two of them like vodka, I like tequila, so since the casino was paying for it all anyway, he ordered a bottle of grey goose and patron, for three people lol.  When we were ready to leave, there was so much left, we started giving out shots to people walking buy; next thing you know we're the most popular table in the place and security gets involved and says we can't do that LOL.

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