Wholesale or cheap flowers?

Hello!  I'm getting married June 2015 and I'm starting to look at florists and flowers in general....they are expensive!  Haha!  Does anyone know good place to buy wholesale flowers?  My wedding is pretty DIY and I'm thinking this is another avenue I can make cheaper by DIY.  I live in Clinton Township, but the wedding will be in Lake Orion so maybe somewhere close to those?  I've heard of people ordering from Eastern Market as well, just looking for tips on how to go about doing that.  Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Wholesale or cheap flowers?

  • Sam's Club and Costco have pretty inexpensive bulk flowers.

     I am going with Grand Jour Events for my flowers. It ended up being cheaper than DIY for me and Tammara was great to work with.
  • I have a Costco membership and ordered their 20 piece white rose bridal package for $399 back in August 2011 when we married. That was 5 bouquets, plus a toss, 6 bouts, 6 corsages. You can't change the order as they ship it to you in a specially sized box.

    I then went to the Costco in Roseville at Gratiot and I-696. You can place an order of bulk flowers for your tables. I had silver bowls and tall glass vases from Dealer's Discount Floral in Centerline (10 Mile Rd east of Van Dyke, their prices are amazing and cheaper than Michael's or Joann's even if you have coupons). Costco has a florist that does the "ready to buy" bouquets there and you can place orders with her. Just get the phone number from the customer service desk.  I got 96 (8 dozen) stems of white vendella roses, 80 stems of white asiatic lillies and 2 very lunch bunches of baby's breath for $173 (I think, it's been a while). I made 10 centerpieces out of that. So, all the flowers, wedding package and bulk for centerpieces ran me less than $600. I think the vases and bowls were about $50. 

    I'm a pretty good DIY-er, and did a ton of stuff for my wedding. But I did NOT want to be bothered doing corsages,bouts and bouquets. 10 centerpieces I think took me about 3 hrs on the day before our wedding. We took them to the venue before our rehearsal, they kept them in the fridge. 
  • I'm using Grand Jour Events too. Great prices.
  • We did Costco. It was 800 all together for the 40 piece hydrangea package and an additional "bulk" box of hydrangeas and lilies. 

    I posted pro pics in another thread but if you go to laurenpiippo.com you can also see some photos of my bouquet and centerpieces.

    Whatever you do....make sure whoever you put in charge of the centerpieces remembers water :/ My mother "forgot" and a lot of the centerpieces died half way through the reception. I was pretty ticked at the time but at least we got the photos I suppose.
  • I used Sarah Hudkins, her info is below. She is an independent florist that offers very affordable flower arrangements and will work with you on your custom ideas! Great deal and saved me the stress of doing my own flowers the day of the wedding. www.facebook.com/garnetevedesigns
  • I ordered from FiftyFlowers. My wedding isn't until September, but a friend used them for her wedding 2 weeks ago and they turned out great. 

  • Where in Lake Orion are you getting married? I'm using A&A Florist in Oxford, which was extremely reasonable.
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