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November 2014 Weddings

Super excited!!!!

FI just got approved time off for our #1 choice so it's official - we're getting married November 29! :)

Re: Super excited!!!!

  • Yay! Another date twin! Congrats!
  • date twin also!!
  • I almost hate having it over the holidays but my FI is all about numbers, and we both have court orders with our kiddos, so that was the best date for us, the kids school, etc. Before it was set in stone I double checked with my parents to make sure they wouldn't mind possibly hosting Thanksgiving dinner with relatives, mostly my mom's side. I work in retale so getting extra time off to spend with OOT family probably isn't an option...I'm already pushing it with wanting Black Friday and that weekend off (as they are black out dates) but I'm friends with my manager and everyone in the store is all for it so screw them! I'm getting married!!! :-)
  • I found there is always some excuse someone will have for not liking the day you picked, so don't even worry about it!  I got minor flak for planning a wedding on a sunday: "People have to go to work the next day..."  Yeah, so?  I don't.  Just dont get stupid drunk then.  Sheesh.
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