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Vendor to avoid: Renaissance Ashevile

Much to my own dismay, I've been working with the Renaissance Asheville for our official wedding hotel. Customer service is definitely not their middle name. We choose them because of their proximity to our venue since we wanted our guests to easily come and go from our reception on their schedule, not a shuttle schedule, and because the other hotels in downtown either didn't have enough rooms or were already booked for our wedding weekend. I should have gone with my gut, and never signed the contract with them because they've been difficult to work with from day 1.

The attitude of the main booking manager, Suzanne Escovitz is so bad it's almost ludicrous. Once the contract was signed, she normally hasn't respond to my emails or calls for a few days. In no way over the last 6+ months of working with her has she seemed to appreciate our future business at all.

We reserved a banquet hall for a post-wedding brunch with our block since we knew that we wanted to have this event, and it brought the room rate down $10 or so dollars per room per night.  They have a $1000 minimum catering order for these brunches, and this didn't seem to be a hard commitment to reach with over 150 anticipated guests. Well, it's definitely not a hard minimum to meet since they don't offer a single brunch option, including juice, for less than $10/person before gratuity. When I asked them for a vegetarian brunch option, they acted as though we were the first people to ask for this, which was extremely surprising to me since this hotel is in Asheville, a city well known for its vegetarian and vegan fare. We are exploring other options, even though this will mean that our guests will have to pay a bit more to stay at the hotel.

Also, they charge a fee to hand deliver welcome bags to your guests rooms since they claim to not have enough room behind the front desk to store them. In my mind, if this was a service that I requested (hand delivery vs pickup at checkin), then I could understand the charge, but in a hotel that is supposed to be full service, this charge seems a bit ridiculous.

Part of me wondered if they have this attitude since I'm not a native of Asheville, and this is a destination event, but then the staff at our venue confirmed that this is just how they behave. I called their corporate office about the situation months ago, and while it hasn't gotten any worse, it unfortunately, hasn't gotten any better.

By far, this is the hardest vendor to work with of all of my booked vendors, which is a shame since they're the least involved in our wedding of all of the vendors we've booked.

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    I wanted to update the community on the Renaissance. Apparently, they release any rooms that aren't booked in your block 30 days prior to the first date of arrival, so if you're guests aren't good at planning ahead, then they won't be able to take advantage of the block anyway.
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