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Bring your photographer?

So a friend of mine just brought my photographer down to Miami for her destination wedding and it got me thinking - is it better to bring your photographer from home?  She said it would have been over 5k to hire one there, but only cost about 4k total for her photog including travel etc. Now she has her photog local for the album design and all follow up stuff.  It sounds like a great idea and I'm kind of jealous I didn't.  Anyway, props to my photog for a great job on it.  Their website is

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    I'm taking a photographer. The price to bring someone down for 4 days was the equivilant of 2 hours with the onsite photgrapgher. I think local photogs will know some spots and things we won't have the luxury of but we'll make up with quantity and options. 
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    @knotporscha Possible vendor alert

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    My aunt is a kick-ass wedding photgrapher and we are hiring her to do our destination wedding. We are treating her like a vendor and paying her full fee and signing contract and everything! Even paying her travel and lodging she is coming out to about $500 cheaper than the least expensive photographer in the area of our wedding (Anaheim, CA). I know she does a great job.
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