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Wedding ideas??

Ok we are set for Next yr in May! budget $3000
have no place yet.. looking at either beach / park or country setting.. 
South Haven area... cant find anything listed in here in our area.
have the dress already.. LOL .. 
not a big wedding.. no more than 50-60 people.
trying to figure out if we should have meal or ??
buying disposable camera for guests to take photos..

Re: Wedding ideas??

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    I would check your local state parks - . I am getting married at Spring Grove Park in Grandville/Hudsonville & it was less than $600 for the ceremony site and the picnic building where we will have our reception (it only holds 100 people). You would just need to rent chairs which would probably run you around $180 for 60 guests :) Spring Grove won't let you bring your own chairs, but I know other places will which would save some costs!! 

    If you are trying to be cost effective you could simply do assorted desserts - cake, some cupcakes, cheesecakes etc. Much better than a whole meal & just as tasty! 
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