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Heels on the resort?

I am definitely a heels person, but I also don't want to look ridiculous lol. We are going to sandals La Toc for our honeymoon next week. Super excited but not sure if heels are appropriate on this resort since it's based on a hilltop. To the ladies who have been here, tell me your preferred footwear, lol as ridiculous as that sounds.

Re: Heels on the resort?

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    I almost always bring a pair of high wedge espadrilles when i go on a beach vacation.  And then i almost never wear them because i'd rather be in flip flops when i'm walking on sand, and then i'm mad because the espadrilles took up so much space in my suitcase and i could have just brought more clothes instead.


    La Toc is a very hilly resort.  If you want to go up the hill, they do have a van that will take you there and back.  We were just in a regular room when we stayed there (attached to the lobby building) so we didn't have to walk up and down hills much.  Our friends who were getting married there had a butler room on the hill and they usually walked up and down because they didn't want to wait on the van all the time.  My friend would never have worn heels for that.  It's pretty steep.


    If i were you, i'd just buy a few pair of cute flat sandals and throw some flip flops in your bag and call it a day...but again, when i went i couldn't resist bringing a big tall pair of wedges, so i totally understand if you can't either!  i definitely did not wear them even once.  But flats are great...you can bring several pairs of them and they take up so much less space!  Part of our honeymoon will be at the beach and i'm not going to bother with anything but flats this time.  Not worth it.

  • Although I haven't been there, it doesn't sound like heels would be very comfortable. However, whenever I go on vacation I always bring one pair of heels to wear out to dinner. So I'd say bring a pair if you want and when you get to the resort, you can decide how much you actually want to wear them.

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  • I stayed there last October, and I did bring a pair of wedges for when we went to the La Toc resturaunt (French one, hardest to get reservations @ and is the fanciest). Otherwise I wore dressy flat sandals in the evenings, and regular flip flops or sneakers in the daytime.

    We were in a concierge category room at the top of the hill, and I would say it was 50/50 between taking the shuttle (which really are very frequent) and walking up and down. You don't have to walk straight down the path the whole time either -- we'd walk down to the pool where the Pitons resturaunt is, then take the stairs down and walk down by the beach depending where we were going. We're heavy walkers in general, but didn't have a problem with it. Even with the wedges - I just walked slowly :)
  • We stayed at Halcyon which is flat but visited the other two Sandals resorts. A lot of the younger newlyweds did wear heels at the various resorts. I tend to be more sensible as I am older. I would suggest you take some options: heels and flats. Also realize you are around sand and water so some shoes good for that too such as Tevas/Keens. I took a nice beach bag and clothes/shoes to change in to when we visited a different resort so i could dress for dinner. I understand they have a comp room you can use to freshen up for dinner. We did not know this until later when other guests told us. We did not need this after we found out. 
  • Thank you for the suggestions.... I tend to overpack in general, but I think I'm leaving the heels out on this 1 and bring a cute pair of wedges and some pretty sandals. :) 1 more day to my wedding woooo! Lol
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