Candy station in lieu of favors

I am doing a candy station in lieu of favors, thought everyone would definitely enjoy this better. Where do you guys buy bulk candy from? 


Re: Candy station in lieu of favors

  • While it has been 9 1/2 years since my first daughter's wedding, we used bulkcandy.com and were really happy with them.

    One other thing we did; I wanted to get the best deals I could so not all of it came from buying online, and I wanted to be sure everything was fresh.  I called the candy companies that made what we wanted and their customer service reps were crazy helpful about how to read date codes on packages, how to store the candy (never ever ever ever put chocolate in the fridge or freezer....ever!), what the normal shelf life of the candy is, etc.  I really suggest you do it!

  • A great place to buy your candy from is oriental trading company.  They have a ton of fun candies, spoecific colored candy, as well as  personalized options.  Often they have special discount codes if you do an internet search.  GL :)
  • I want a candy bar badly! Never thought of it instead of favours though, my other thought was just getting hugs and kisses and putting a few for each guest in a bag. If we have our reception at one place I don't believe I could do it though.
  • That would be the favor. I would love it.
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    Having a candy station is a nice idea.

    The one thing I'd be careful about is the phrase "in lieu of favors."  Favors are optional; there is absolutely no requirement that you provide them.  But the phrase "in lieu of favors" says "Hey, folks, I chose to spend money on something other than a gift for you!" It's ungracious, and in your particular instance, it's not even true.  I'd just call this a candy station and let it go at that.
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