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Vent! Bridesmaids and Hair

Okay so we are having a small wedding and my two bridesmaids are my future stepdaughter and my foster daughter.  I have asked both of them right along (about 6 months now) what they wanted to participate it and what they didn't.  My SD was adamant that she wanted to do her own hair and makeup.  FD didn't express any preference so I go about planning for my hairstylist to do mine and my mom's hair and a makeup artist for myself.  Today 2 1/2 weeks before the wedding, my SD very forcefully says that "OF COURSE I want someone to do my hair - I NEVER SAID that I wanted to do my own....same with makeup...."  So with 2 1/2 weeks to go I'm on the hunt for a hairstylist to do her hair because I think my hairstylist will be too busy to fit in 2 additional people and praying that my makeup artist can squeeze in two additional people.  Shoot me now!

Vent over!
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