Salon/spa for bachelorette party

I am the MOH throwing a bachelorette party in Cincinnati.  I have never really spent any time in Cincy, so I need help coming up with a salon/spa where we can spend the afternoon getting primped for our night out.  I'd like for the guests to be able to pick the services they want, but I know the bride would like to be able to get a blowout and probably a mani/pedi.  Anyone have experience with groups at Cincy salons?  Much appreciated!

Re: Salon/spa for bachelorette party

  • Cincy Organic Style Bar in Oakley is pretty good and affordable.  It's more of a salon than a spa (I don't' think they offer facials or massages), but I know they do blowouts, manis/pedis, airbrush tanning, etc.

    I've also heard awesome things about Blown in Kenwood, but not sure what all they offer.

    Mitchell's is always a good choice, but they are a little more pricey.

    If you want a true "spa" experience (massage, facials, etc.) Woodhouse is without a doubt the best in the city.  Just not sure if they offer the salon (i.e. blowout) services.

    Hope this helps!

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