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Please Proofread for Me! (And other questions about invites...)

Hi everyone, if you could please read over my wording I'd appreciate it! 

Together with Their Families,   (used this because our parents are helping pay but we are still paying the majority and doing all the planning)
Samantha ----
Lt. Dan Taylor 
Request the Pleasure of Your Company 
As They are United in Marriage
Saturday, the Twenty Fifth of October
Two Thousand Fourteen
At Four Thirty in the Afternoon

The Franklin Park Conservatory 
1777 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43203

Reception to (Immediately?) Follow

Also, we are doing plated meals so on our RSVP cards we will have them choose their meals.  I read on another post that it's best to give a full description of the meals, so our RSVP cards will have: 
-Braised Beef Short Ribs with Whipped Potatoes and Shoestring Vegetables
-Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast with Pan-Seared Truffle Risotto Cakes, Ratatouille, and Porcini Mushroom Jus
-Prosciutto & Sage Wrapped Salmon with Black Pepper Fettucini, Lemon Caper Sauce, and Asparagus

Is this too much wording though?  Also, if we are sending an invite to say, a family with 4 guests invited, is it safe to assume that they'll know to put numbers of which meals they want?  Like if two of the family members want chicken they will know to write a '2' next to the chicken spot, I hope?  Or do I need to put clear instructions to do so...  

We are also going to include a direction card that will have our website address on it.  

I plan to send these out by mid-July, and have them RSVP by mid-September...we are moving at the beginning of September so we won't have a mailing address for them to send their responses to us.  So we are thinking of asking FI's parents if we can use their address on the RSVP's.  I'm sure they won't mind getting them at their house, I just know I may have some anxiety over not getting the RSVPs back directly, haha.  Is there something else we could do?  

Thanks everyone!

Re: Please Proofread for Me! (And other questions about invites...)

  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Together with their families
    Ms. (Miss) Samantha Full Name
    Lieutenant. Dan Taylor 
    request the pleasure of your company 
    as they are united in marriage
    Saturday, the twenty-fifth of October
    two thousand fourteen
    at half after four o'clock

    The Franklin Park Conservatory 
    1777 East Broad Street
    Columbus, Ohio

    Your wording is very good, but all those capital letters need to go!  The invitation should read like one long sentence, so only proper nouns are capitalized after the first word.  I did change the wording of the time to be more traditional.  Generally, no abbreviations are allowed, except for Mr, Mrs. and Ms., so you need to write your FI's title out in full.  Unless your parents are hosting, if your FI gets a title, then you should have one, too.  Zip codes are traditionally only used for the outer envelope and RSVP card, and should not appear on the invitation.
    I will leave the RSVP wording to Knotties that are more familiar with them.
  • Thank you!  Yes, I wasn't sure about the capitalization of the letters.

    And it's actually not his title, haha.  It's just his nickname that I used for the purpose of this example.  (Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump.)  So for the actual invites it will just be our full names.
  • Well, I wasn't sure, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt!  I love that movie!
  • I think your RSVP cards are fine; people should know to mark out '1' or '2' or whatever. 

    So if it says:

    The favour of a reply is requested by [date].

    Please make entree selections below:

    ___ Braised beef short ribs with whipped potatoes and shoestring vegetables

    ___ Herb-roasted chicken breast with pan-seared truffle risotto cakes, ratatouille, and porcini mushroom jus

    ___ Prosciutto-and-sage wrapped salmon with black pepper fettuccine, lemon caper sauce, and asparagus

    I think that would be clear to people that they have to choose one per person.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • theartistformerlyknownastheartistformerlyknownas peaced out. member
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    I would like the salmon, please.

  • huskypuppy14huskypuppy14 Boston Suburbs member
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    You could also say, "Please initial entree selection".

    I will also have the salmon. :)


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