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Ok so my hubby and i had hit a really bad patch in our marriage, we are coming back from it! I was thinking about talking to him about renewing our vows. this june will be 2 yrs married and this Oct will be 6yrs together. We have 3 great kids that never got to be apart of our court house wedding. I want to do something more committed this time round. what are your thoughts on this?

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  • That's a lovely idea, especially to get your kids involved. And you can be so much more flexible with the event! Good luck!
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    I think you got a lot of good answers on your other post about this, but you just didn't like them and are looking for justification on this board. Maybe just be grateful you are allowed to get married at all and go on a nice vacation with your family and renew your vows with just you, your husband and kids.
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    Pretty Princess Day. When you're already legally married and recreating your wedding day.
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