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DJ or Ipod?????

Planning a destination wedding , about 25 people in all.  Im having a cocktail hour with a sit down dinner. This is an all inclusive resort so Im not having a full blown reception.  The resort has two options, you can pay extra for a dj or you can bring an Ipod and sound system will be provided for a small fee. Don't want to appear tacky to my guest. Has anyone ever gone this route? All advice welcomed....

Re: DJ or Ipod?????

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    LatilloLatillo member
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    I was wondering the same thing! We are having a wedding at an all inclusive and I can't decide whether or not I want a DJ or just make a playlist with a bunch of songs to dance to. I am considering a DJ only because all of my friends and family LOVE to dance so it may be worth it. I'd love others opinions as well!!

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    We are having a DW in Hawaii.  We are having a two man band (guitars) play for the ceremony and cocktail hour.  Then we are just having a ipod.  We didn't want the whole DJ think because it's not a huge wedding.  But we did want music.  So we will make a play list and go with that.
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    We're having live music for our cocktail hour then iPod. We're don't care for the prices of the DJ options. 
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    I considered an iPod wedding for DW in the Bahamas last year since we only had 25 guests. However, we opted of the DJ and we are so glad we did. The DJ was amazing. He was so good that when the food came out no one wanted to stop dancing to eat. 
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         We are doing a lunch wedding at Disneyland. Since we are not having dancing and are capped at 20 people we are going with an Ipod to save money. For a small fee Disney provides power and speakers at our reception site. 
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    tjklostjklos member
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    DJ. we had 70 people- it was nice to have someone interact with the crowd, take requests, keep the party jammin he was amazing actually- he played live acoustic guitar for cocktail hour and ceremony he was perfect
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    Seems as if opinions are split , we are still deciding.

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    I would suggest to make sure you see reviews or get recommendations of a DJ you do choose.  

    I've been to a few DW's and seen DJ's not play one song off the couples request list and also at one wedding the guy played Black Eyed Peas "Tonight's gonna be a good night" literally five times throughout the reception.  Granted, English was not his first language, but five times. FIVE! 

    We had an ipod at our DW and it worked out great, because if we weren't feeling a song we would just skip it.  Then at the end of the evening, we hooked up to Spotify and people were putting on amazing 90's hits and the like, and it turned into an awesome drunken dance party.  A DJ may not feel the mood!  
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    Thank you Favouritecake! We had pretty much decided at this point to utilize the likes of an I-pod. This way we can create playlists and have some input on what is played. Thank you all for your advice. ####lovemyknotties#####
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