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Hello all,

I had a less than ideal time dealing with the hall manager from right after we booked the hall to days after the wedding for my reception. After I had posted and honest review which I will post below, Cynthia went on to delete it and than write a long post tossing me down the gauntlet and taking no accountability for any of her actions.
I will admit my centerpieces had a malfunction but even with the best of planning and research things can still not go perfect. It is how you handle these hiccups that show your true character.

Here is my review, if you are wanting to read her post please find starlight chateau on facebook (that is if she doesn't delete that too)

Review that was deleted:

Beautiful hall, awful awful hall manager!!! Overall manager was very non-accommodating to ideas that were not her own and with getting Into the hall during the whole wedding weekend. She continuously pushed her outdated decorations on us starting at the consult and even still the morning of the wedding. For those of you with children if your own or even those that don't, she was physical with our children and left scratch marks on my step-daughter.

Somehow the mistake was made that instead of actually turning on the air conditioner it was only turned down and left in the off position, yet while getting ready there durning the morning and afternoon the hall and dressing rooms were almost cold. Cynthia stated that my centerpieces were to blame for how hot the hall became, but after multi complaints and a few hours later the security guard informed us it was in the off position. Our cake melted and a lot of guests left early due to the temperature in the hall.

Leading into the review from our friends who helped with clean up the day after the wedding. Cynthia had asked my friend if she could keep our leftovers (who in their right mind does that?!?), after she was told no that we had specific plans for them she proceeded to harass them in asking to keep our leftovers...

Not just ask, harass us about it when we were trying to assess everything, make a plan for clean up. Then when I asked her to give me some space, her and they security guy went and harassed Matt about it . ALL DAY she bothered me about stuff, was worse than she was fri and sat, complaining about every bride she's had, " why do they do this I don't know blah blah blah" wanting to tell me stories and show me stuff. I had to get stern with her and tell her to leave us alone, that we had a lot to accomplish. Then she was a total witch, didn't want us to prop the door open to load stuff because it was raining even though there was a canopy above the door, brought out this list about scrubbing the tables with soap and water, all this other stuff that I'm sure she never showed you, stuff that is the hall's responsibility, wouldn't let me take stuff out like the chalkboards when I wanted because she had to take 100 pictures of them. Kept locking the door when we'd go to unload even though we told her we'd be right back for the next load. She is a piece of work. I took a bunch of pictures of how we left it, to show that it was clean and fine if she tries to stick you with anything.

Overall this hall does have it's perks which is why we rented it in the first place. Would I use it make the same choice again? In a heartbeat, so long as they had a different hall manager.
The beauty of the place is not worth the beast
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