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Friday Or Sunday Wedding?

Hi there ladies, I have a beautiful venue that is booked every Sat for the rest of the year and I have a choice between a Friday or Sunday wedding, I am kind of leaning more towards Friday, but would like to know what everyone thinks. By the way, I have guests flying in for the wedding including my parents and siblings and a couple people in my bridal party. Thanks!

Re: Friday Or Sunday Wedding?

  • Do you know if you want an afternoon or evening reception?

    We are doing an early evening Sunday wedding (ceremony at 4, cocktail/reception 4:30~8.

    Personally, Sundays just seem more relaxed to me, so I naturally learned towards that day. A Fri wedding might require some guests to take 2 days off work (1 day travel, 1 day wedding), so that may be something to keep in mind (Sun they prob just need to take the Mon off to come home).
  • Check with your VIPs but assuming it was an evening Friday wedding that would be my preference.  My VIPs (family) that few in, planned on coming in a few days early so we were able to spend some extra time together.  With a Friday wedding I'd avoid a complicated ceremony so you can avoid, or at least simplify the rehearsal.  Sunday morning or early afternoon would work, but if you have a lot of people that attend Sunday morning services, it is probably not ideal. 
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    I'm having my wedding on a Sunday. As long as everything concludes fairly early (around 8 or 9), I think that would be my preference as a guest as well. Unless I was really, really close with the couple, I wouldn't like having to leave work early or rush home to get ready on a Friday. But you know your guests better than we do, so you need to talk to your VIPs about it before you decide.
  • Friday will cut down your guest list

    Sunday will make people either skip the reception, or leave super early.

    You pick which is more important to you.

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    Talk with your VIPs first.

    We're having a Sunday wedding, from 3:30 to 8:30. However, most of our guests are local, and our VIPs all okayed the date. If we had more out of town guests, we'd have an earlier wedding (like 10:30) so we'd be done by the afternoon and give people a chance to get to the airport and get home.

    In general, I think Sunday is easier if you have out of town guests. If you're doing Friday, you'll want a later wedding (e.g. 7pm) and if you're doing Sunday, you'll want an earlier one.
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  • I think it is about knowing your guests. We are having a 4pm Sunday ceremony, and plan to wrap up the evening around 8-9. Neither family has church goers, so that was not an issue for us. My family has a tendency to eat and run, so I think a shorter reception will work well.
  • My sister had her wedding on a Friday- and it was lovely.  She only had 2 declines.  Then again, a majority of the guests were retired or local- so it was NBD to take off work.

    Personally, Sunday and Friday weddings don't phase me- as a guest if it is of any great inconvenience, I can simply opt not to go.
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  • Definitely talk to your VIPs. Taking off enough time to travel for a Friday wedding might not be possible for them. Sunday means less time off to travel, if they work a  9-5 type job. But we don't have any way of knowing what works best for your guests schedules - maybe you have lots of guests who work weekends and Friday would be better.

  • Talk with your people,as their availability will be different. 

    I personally prefer Friday weddings. 

  • Friday will cut down your guest list

    Sunday will make people either skip the reception, or leave super early.

    You pick which is more important to you.

    I got married last Sunday, during a holiday weekend, and yes, there were a few people didn't come to the reception at all and several of our guests left super early.
  • To me, the two scenarios boil don thusly. Friday weddings start late and everyone is tired from the work week. Sunday wedding end early but everyone is rested from Saturday off. Only your VIPs can tell you which one works better for them.
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    It depends on whether you want a late night party feel or a more relaxed feel. I think Sunday would be a bit easier to get ready for, which is why we decided against a Friday, but people aren't going to party super late. 

    When we were going to have an OOT/sort of DW wedding, we were going to have it on a Sunday. We looked at Friday but realized in the end, having it on a Sunday would result on people, particularly in the wedding party, not having to take as much time off as they would for a Friday, and we figured people would be up for partying since no one would be working the next day anyway. 
  • Definitely talk to your VIPs (esp. OOT).  The vast majority of our guests lived at least 2 hours away from where we had out wedding.  In talking to our VIPs, they preferred a Friday or Saturday wedding.  We went with Friday.  Alot of people flew in after work on Thursday, so they only took one day off.  The only time I've been to a Sunday wedding, it was at 2pm, which made it feel like it took the whole damned day, plus we didn't want to stay too late or drink too much since we had to work on Monday.
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    I work Monday to Friday, so I would prefer a Sunday wedding as I mgiht not even be able to attend a Friday wedding (depending on the time and if I had to travel to attend the wedding).
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    Oy both options stink.

    I think I would find another venue personally but if not I would do like a late afternoon wedding on a Sunday so it's over by like 8 or 9.
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  • phira said:

    @OwningAHome1981 Hey, some of us wanted a Sunday wedding :(

    They are cheaper but can be a pain for some guests. I work super early in the AM. I would need to leave a Sunday evening wedding early. They are fine, just be prepared for ppl leaving early. As a guest bc my work schedule is so crazy, i generally prefer Saturday weddings.
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    It really depend so. Your guest list and the type of atmosphere you want at you wedding. For me a Friday evening wedding would be great. We don't have a lot of out of town guests, I think fsil would be the only one more than 2 hours and she would probably visit for longer anyways. The other thing you need to think about is your rehearsal dinner, if you choose to have one
  • I would prefer Friday, personally. I think this is a know your crowd, ask your VIPs situation.
  • Friday evening is nice, if the guests don't mind flying/driving Thurs night or Friday morning. Early Sunday is also great but unless they take Monday off they'll be rushed to leave. Figure out what works best for the majority of your VIPs. Most people wouldn't mind taking Friday off but some may not be have vacation time so a Sunday would work better. Another option is around a holiday so most people would have extra time off anyway.
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    FI works in an office. Regular hours. He was discussing our future wedding with his coworkers. We've chosen a Sunday brunch wedding which we're very excited about. It's Memorial day weekend which makes it easier on our guests in terms of taking days off of work (I've read the arguments about using a holiday... this was a good option for our VIPs.) If that particular Sunday was not available, we would have chosen Sunday no matter what. 

    Anyway, his coworkers were lamenting that Friday weddings are "awful." I wasn't there for the conversation obviously, but Fiance said every co-worker was in agreement about that. 

    ETA:  Fiance just clarified that the "awfulness" was because it usually required them to take off from work on either a Friday or both Thursday and Friday. 
  • I grew up in a religion where Friday night and Saturday weddings are out of the question, so I've been to a lot of Sunday and Thursday weddings. (One lady I knew had a Saturday night winter wedding, so it could be well after sundown without being late at night. That one was actually really difficult to manage with so much church stuff going on the day of!) I think I'd prefer the Friday to the Sunday, but they're both good to me!
  • Holiday weddings are pretty bad as well. Hard to get hotels, roads are busy with people traveling, airports are busy and filled with delays and if ppl generally go away for the holiday then you are pretty much making them choose btwn going on a vacation or attending your wedding.
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  • We had a Sunday wedding with a reception that ended around 8. Very few people left early.

    As a guest, I prefer Sunday to Friday, just for logistics.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I'd prefer Sunday over Friday. I start work really earl and work long hours so I'm exhausted by Friday night. For a Friday wedding I'd be wiped out and I'd either decline or come to the ceremony only. Most Sunday weddings seem to end earlier so I'd stay for most of the reception. If it was OOT it would be much easier for me to attend a Sunday wedding and I would decline Friday wedding due to my work schedule. Definitely ask your VIPs which they prefer and maybe see if there is a different venue that is available on Saturday.

  • I like both. It really will depend on what you want from your reception. Do you want a late night? If so, I vote for Friday. Otherwise, I'd prefer Sunday as a guest.

    My wedding was on a Sunday. We did a brunch reception. We did this because we love brunch, but it ended up being neat and cost-effective (Our whole bar tab was under $750 for 6 hours). We did mimosas, bloody marys, beer, wine and soft drinks. 

    We had a ton of compliments about the way it worked out and it wasn't a late night for anyone.


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    I'd be fine with either, baring some "rules".

    Definitely ask your VIPs.

    If you choose the Friday, start your ceremony later. Realize if guests are coming from out of town, they will likely need to take off both Thurs and Friday, versus a Sunday wedding where they likely will only need to have the Monday off. 

    But if you choose Sunday, have a much earlier ceremony and reception. Guests will want to leave early. 

    I'm used to the reception that includes dinner followed by dancing late into the night. In which case, I prefer Friday. I would take the day off work if I truly wanted to attend your wedding. However, if you wanted to do a lunch reception or cocktail reception in the afternoon, Sunday would be lovely, it would just have a different vibe. 
  • I think it all boils down to what PPs have said.  Check with your VIPs.  Everyone is going to have an opinion on Friday vs. Sunday weddings - but it is most important that your VIPs can make it!! 

    Personally - I'd prefer a Sunday Brunch wedding (always wanted to go to one of those) to a Sunday evening wedding (I get up early for work on Monday and the last thing I feel like doing is being out late on a Sunday (late to me is 8:30/9). Friday's are fine - but be understanding if some people can only make the reception and not the ceremony due to work/traveling.
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  • Agreeing with basically everyone else here - check with your VIPs first.

    Personally, I prefer Friday weddings. If it's local, it's a great kick-off to the weekend and if it's located somewhere that necessitates travel, I get a three-day weekend! Sundays are okay, I guess, but mentally I like to prepare for my week on Sundays, and I'd probably end up taking off Monday anyway if the party was really good.

    I also think you need to know your crowd - are many of your guests younger and up for a big party? Friday night is probably better. Is your crowd more subdued and easy going? A Sunday would probably suit them better.
  • Like pp have said check your vip's first, know your crowd and just pick.

    I did a 2pm wedding on a Sunday. The reception was to be over about 4:30/ 5 pm. I didn't want a 4 hour reception. I wanted my guests to be able to travel back if they wanted to that day. I also wanted to drive straight to the honeymoon that day. ( 4 hours away)

    It seemed to work well.
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