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Anyone else getting nervous?

So we're all 5-6 months away, mine being closer to 6, and I'm going into freakout mode. I haven't had time to do anything wedding related lately, mostly because of work, and there's still so much for us to figure out and book.

I'm trying to decide if I want to use a local florist for my bouquet or travel an hour to meet with florists closer to the venue. I need to contact the food company we're interested in to get details (I would have FI do that but he would probably only ask the questions I write and their answers may trigger more). Our save the dates are still sitting on the counter needing attention. I need to find shoes soon (FI and I are the same height and I don't want to tower over him so flats it is - told him he can wear heels). He needs to decide what he's gonna wear so we can figure out what our kids will wear. We need to start figuring out music. Ahhh!!! These next few months are going to fly by!

Re: Anyone else getting nervous?

  • I'm not nervous, only excited. We've got most of the planning done. Get it together, girl! :-). That way you can stop stressing and have fun with the planning.
  • I have had minor freak outs here and there but I refuse to have a major freak out.  The stress will give me a big ol' chin zit!

    April, does your vendor have a preferred vendor list? I used that to get a DJ and an officiant.  However, I did source out my own photog and florist.  Sometimes preferred vendors just "get" your venue and you don't have to  explain everything.  Sometimes they think of better ways to handle the venue.

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  • No list so I'm totally on my own. As far as a DJ goes we're probably going to do it how my sister did, make a few cds and have ONE person in charge of it. I was basically my sister's day of coordinator and it worked perfectly, so she's returning the favor. The officiant is my biggest concern as FI and I want a "normal" looking middle age male who doesn't have a strong accent (amd doesn't cost an arm and a leg). The past two weddings I went to were performed by friends moms.

    The biggest debate I'm having is whether or not getting my stuff near my house and driving an hour to the venue or driving an hour for meetings/consultations and doing everything closer to the venue.
  • I decided to use most of my vendors (especially day-of ones) local the venue (about 40 minutes from our apartment). I figured it is a hassle now, but will be worth it for them to be close by the day of the wedding. The only vendor I choose close was the dress store/alterations.

    Good luck with the rest of the planning! 11/29 here and 150 days to go! ahhh!
  • 11/14 and 134 days to go here.  Way more excited than nervous over here.  Whenever I get worked up about something we haven't done, I remind myself that it probably isn't a necessity.  We have to purchase our rings, make and send our invites, and my dress needs some minor alterations (so minor that if they don't happen it's fine), and favors.  

    Of the things on that list, only the invites give me the slightest amount of stress because I am making them myself and I'm not kidding myself that it's going to take 5 minutes.  I just took a promotion at work and I'm working some insane hours, but I have forced myself to carve out time that is just mine, just for working on the invites while FI handles the kids and unless the house burns down I am not budging from the dining room table until they're done. 

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  • edited July 2014
    The only thing I've been stressed about is my shower.  I am so grateful that my sister offered to host one, and she has a beautiful house to host it in.  Normally I really like going to social gatherings, I'm quite outgoing and just love to talk; there is just something about the thought of a bridal shower that is more stressful to me.

    Other than that, it has been fairly smooth sailing and I haven't been nervous.

    ETA: Why I'm stressed about my shower- I was a little too vague before.
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  • I didn't want to start a new thread and I figured it'd fit best under this one - because I'm getting super excited about our wedding and planning!

    I can't sleep again so I dove into wedding stuff. Last weekend I put down the deposit for the $300 photographer, I plan on making the final payment on the venue next week, and will put down my deposit for my florist today. FI had to work yesterday so in my alone time I called to get some details from the restaurant I want to order from and found out I'll be saving about $50. I also called a few grocery stores/markets about their wedding cakes and found out that they're charging about $3 per serving, which isn't a better price than the bakery I want to use, so I've decided that I'm going to do 3 different "non-wedding" double layer cakes from my choice bakery and get a 3 level cake stand thing from Michael's (it won't be stacked but it will give it height and 3 cake options) so I'll be saving between $50 - $100 total for that. I'm sure I have forgotten to include something in the budget so I have $500 for things like that but now it looks like I can add another $700+ dollars to that "other" fund.

    FI is being really awesome about this. He listened to my excitement of the savings and when it came to the cake he told me that we can afford the 3 tier wedding cake and not to settle - but we're just going to be cutting into and eat it anyway so I'm cool with saving money. Just a few more minor details (and I still need to send out the Save The Dates that I've had addressed for a month or two now) and we'll be set! It's such a relief, at 147 days and counting! :)


    @hikebikebemerry Is she planning an all female shower or a couples shower? I hope no one tries to throw me a shower because most of my guests are out of state, but I really don't think anyone will. Maybe I'll throw myself a party with my fish and kitty and shower myself with coconut rum!

  • @April192002  It's a female only shower.

    I like your shower idea!
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  • LOL I too hope no showers happen.  I am trying to organize a high tea for my bridesmaids though, because they all havent formally met.  There's only three of them, so it shouldnt be a huge deal.
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  • @goldchocobo You're from Canada, right? I thought I saw you mention that somewhere and with the high tea comment, I'm just curious.
  • @April192002  Yup, I bleed maple syrup and apologies :)
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  • I was soooo super nervous (I have an anxiety disorder too, which doesn't help!) but the past few days I've been actually getting excited. Finally. :)
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  • It just hit me yesterday that we only have 4.5 months to go. I told FI last night and he had a very minor freak out because he/we still have stuff to do, like figuring out what style tux or suit he and pur 3 boys are going to wear. I've been mentioning it here and there but now I feel like we're pressed for time. I don't know anything about rentals (FI might buy his but with 3 rapidly growing boys we're definitely renting theirs) and I don't get my son back from his dad until the beginning of August. I know it will all be okay, and if it comes down to it we'd just throw them in black slacks and button up shirts, but that's something we can control...and it's been put off. He's glanced at the Men's Warehouse ads that I've thrown in front of him but that's about it. I see a "shopping" trip in our near future! I also haven't tried contacting any of the judge people in the county we're getting married in, but my backup plan is my dad, and my Save the Dates are still sitting here (addressed for 1.5 months). I feel like sending them out now seems silly, with the date being so close, but I'll get those in the mail today/tomorrow...and I know the majority of my family doesn't make Thanksgiving plans in the summer.
  • FI just booked his tuxes.  @April192002, is there a Tip Top Taylors in the USA?  They measure and fit children no problem, and FI was considered an early bird for booking June 17th.  They said the latest to book a tux would be early September.  You still have time for rentals.

    ETA:  I also found this site for americans:  
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  • Not nervous, more on the compulsive bride side here. November 1 could not come soon enough! I'm so excited but I still feel like there's so much to do, even though there really isn't.
  • 11/8/14 here and yes I'm definitely starting to be in freak out mode, I feel like I don't have enough time to get things done even though I know I do!

    Time to start actually getting my stuff together!!!

  • @goldchocobo Thanks for the information. I feel a little better, but know if we put it off too long September will come and go without us realizing it.
  • No worries, April.  Dedicate August at the latest to formal wear ;)

    I feel like I am stumbling through this in the dark.  The Knot's checklists help me out quite a bit and everyone I talk to comments how I seem to have everything under control, which is so not like me, lol.

    I have my dress alteration appointment in August.  This will the first time I have worn it since I bought it in October 2013 (I bought it off the rack and brought it home the same day, which I now understand is not normal).  I sneak peeks at it when I am visiting my parents (where they are storing it) but I honestly don't know how I will react when I put it on again.  I'm nervous for my alterations.  I'm nervous I chose the wrong address.  
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    I am definitely starting to get nervous. Not so much about the wedding, but I feel like there is so much left to do. We just went to Men's Wearhouse today so I feel like that is checked off the list.

    @goldchocobo -  I do the same with my dress while it lives at my mom's house!

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