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Not losing wieght for a dress, just want to feel better

Ok so I'm not into trying to lose weight for my wedding or a dress, that never works (just my opinion). However I am getting married next June and I want to feel better. I work 5 days a week, eat pretty healthy with tons of veggies, balanced meals,and minimal junk food, yet I can't seem to lose the weight I packed back on after losing a total of 65lbs last year, I didn't gain it all back only about 20lbs and ever since I feel run down and kinds of Blah. I have my dress it fits great and I love how I look, just want to feel better. Any suggestions on an exercise routine I can do at home or at least with out joining a gym (that just ends up being a fat tax lol) or a certain food combo I can try to help me feel less run down? Oh I'm not a huge exercise fan, but I try to go for walks and do streching a few times a week, also I sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night. Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Not losing wieght for a dress, just want to feel better

  • I'm in the same boat as you- not trying to lose weight but wanting to feel better. I'm going to start yoga :)


  • Now I've been trying to lose weight, had a baby over a year and going to others weddings have been my motivation. But I only do things from home, so I zumba most nights, with that and just watching watching what I ate I've so far lost 57 lbs. walking and even doing yoga should help overall feel better, I know I always feel better with myself after doing anything that has got me moving (even dancing around the kitchen with my kids!)
  • I hear you about not wanting to join a gym or really being an "exercise person." What worked wonders for me was taking a high-intensity boot camp class. No, really! "High-intensity" scares some people, and if you can't do intense heart-raising exercise for any reason this is of course not the right thing for you. But I've found that it makes me feel insanely good on the days I do it. Like, annoyingly so. Despite having woken up early and worked my ass off doing squats and push-ups and sprint drills, I have more energy throughout the day. And I'm happier, too! It's so obnoxious because it means I keep going back...even at the risk of becoming one of those work out evangelists. ;)

    I think the trick was doing something really intense and getting my heart rate up. I like the high-intensity (or sometimes you might see "Tabata" inspired) because it is actually a short workout, but you work as hard as you are able to in that brief interval. I also like that the group I found focuses on pushing yourself as hard as you can (not as hard as the guy next to you, or as hard as the instructor). So no matter your initial fitness level, you can get results by pushing yourself (or taking a break if you're feeling bad). Less intense exercise like walking or even playing sports doesn't really affect me as much. (I like both of those things, but neither has ever helped me lose weight OR feel healthier in general).

    Good luck!
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  • Itworksnoble... is the "ItWorks" that wrap thing that looks like a giant biore nose strip for your stomach? (sorry i dont know how else to describe it)
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    @auppena I have been wondering about wraps lately, are they something you can do at home by yourself? I am so happy with my body with the exception of my stomach.
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