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Wedding Dreams?

Hi November Knotties!

I feel super active on this board today, lol.  I have a question for you all: Do you guys have wedding dreams?  Do you have wedding nightmares?

I feel like I have had so many!  FI even had one.

Off the top of my head:
- Birds pecked out my diamonds on my ring while I was lounging in a hammock
- I lost the diamonds when I was swimming in a pool.
- My wedding dress was a two piece monstrosity that looked like a couch.....and my mother said "Well, do you still want to wear it?"  NO!
- The invites were all wrong.  So embarrassing.

And my fave dream to date:
It was my wedding day, and FI and I were the wrong venue, with confused guests, no photographer, no DJ, no bridesmaids.  The officiant marries us, and we go into a place to sign the documents.  Just then a limo pulls up and all my bridemaids jump out, all of them late and looking like a hot mess, and my MOH hands me my bouquet: Black orchids (so wrong, my bouquet is red roses and white orchids) and I take the bouquet and tell them I am so happy they are here and today was the happiest day ever because we were married.  I woke up feeling really good.

FI had a dream we were getting married in a week and I didn't send any invites and I was like "Meh, I'll just call people."  He was pissed that I didn't even care!

As the date grows closer, I worry I will have dreams every night.  Is anyone else planning in their sleep?  lol!
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Re: Wedding Dreams?

  • I don't remember most of my dreams, which is probably a good thing. I do wake up thinking/freaking out about our wedding. I feel so much better about it after talking to my sister tonight.
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